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A Devotional Life for the New Year

 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Matt. 4:4 KJV)

God’s Word is the foundation for a spiritual life of spiritual intimacy, fullness and flourishing. You were born into a relationship with God by default the day you received Christ into your heart by faith. However, your DAY-TO-DAY relationship with God in the Word and prayer is the KEY to the kind of life you will enjoy on earth. If I could write this a million times for everyone reading this devotional to know how important this is, I certainly will do. 

Our generation is at risk of a misunderstanding of what the devotional life is, possibly because of semantics or the play of words. We use the phrase “daily devotional”, to refer to a piece of Christian writing such as the one you are reading right now. Yes, it is one usage of the term “devotional.” However, the devotional life God is concerned about is not reading a piece of devotional every day.  In fact, you do not need to read a piece of devotional writing to have a devotional.

The devotional life is time with God to feed on His Word and fellowship with Him in prayer. I am yet to meet a Christian or minister who has enjoyed a vibrant relationship with God, or a life of victory to victory, every day on a consistent basis without a solid foundation of what the saints of old called “quiet time with God.”  Many believers are living in a very dry place. I mean really dry.  They are practically planted far away from the rivers of living waters and wonder why the leaves of their lives are drying up.

Beloved in the Lord, a productive, enjoyable and victorious Christian life will cost you something. Not money. It will cost you time with God, and there are a billion other things each day screaming and competing for your attention and time. The choice is yours. I counsel you to seek God this year beyond what you have never done before. You will be glad you made that decision.


Do you understand the difference between a piece of devotional writing and the devotional life? Do you have a devotional life?


I see believers all the time trying to burn and shine without oil. It is not possible. They want to have the peace of God and overcome anxiety, but they cannot find the strength to do so. Some are harassed by sin or addiction and feel helpless and hopeless. You need oil to shine, and oil is found in your practical daily relationship with the LORD in the Word and the place of prayer. May the Lord put a holy hunger in your spirit for the Word and pour out a fresh spirit of prayer upon you this year! Life will not hand you a perfect bed of roses to have a solid devotional life. You have to make it happen intentionally or it never will.


Ask the Lord to give you the will, desire and motivation to seek Him this year above everything else you have ever done in the past.

If you have not yet read our book “The Devotional Life: Your Key to a Spiritual Life with Results,” please ensure you secure a copy for yourself. In the rare case that you are not financially able, please contact us and we will send a copy to you free of charge. We do this to ensure a temporary financial limitation does not limit anyone with a desire to draw close to God.You can get a copy from Design Publishing or Amazon

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