Divine Health for the New Year

And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick: the people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity (Isa. 33:24 KJV)

The LORD talks about a wonderful city whose inhabitants “shall not say, I am sick”. This is very intriguing. But first, what city is that? Verse 20 of the same chapter tells us this city is Zion. God has declared that the inhabitants of Zion will not say they are sick. What a display of divine health!

Zion symbolizes  God’s dwelling place, which is the people of God today. You as a citizen of Zion and God has said that no one who dwells there will say that I am sick! Why? Because disease will be rooted out of their bodies by the power of God. I want you to think about the realities of this verse, and how impossible it is to the eyes of men. However, the LORD has done this before.  In Deut. 8:4, we read  “thy raiment waxed not old upon thee, neither did thy foot swell, these forty years.” For the entire 40 years in the desert, the people’s clothes did not get old, and their feet did not swell, from weariness or sickness. He kept the entire nation is perfect health!

God has said no one who is a citizen of Zion would say I am sick. The Word is gone forth. It is up to us to decide what we would do with it. Divine healing is a reality, and as a Church,  we are still struggling to find out how it works and how to fully apply it in our lives.  Disease is still baffling the Church today,   just as it does the unsaved. The Church is growing and becoming mature. The days are coming that not a single one of those who dwell in Zion will say I am sick. The Word will not pass away.

This year, devour the Word, seek the Lord, stretch your faith and claim your rights as a citizen of Zion. 


Does God WANT us healed?  Your revelation on the answer to this question will significantly impact your health. Think about this.


Disease continues to baffle and harass  us in this world. I have seen divine healing in the will of God in the Word, but I still do not understand all of it. But one thing I   am double assured of is that God WANTS us healed. When we are still babies and children in the faith, the elements of the world, including disease continue to torture us. When we become sons in the house, we take charge. What a beautiful day to see the manifestation of the sons of God on the earth before the Lord comes! Son and daughter of Zion, rule over disease! It is the Father’s will for you this year. Even if you do not know why you are “not getting healed” or “continue to be sick,” do not quit. Revelation and faith are the keys to your inheritance. Press on!


Ask the Lord to open your understanding to comprehend His will for your health and healing fully.

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