What is “the Spirit Without Measure”?

For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him (John 3:34, KJV)

John the Baptist speaking about Jesus above says “God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto Him.” Jesus is the Anointed One, and the Spirit was not given to Him by measure. What does this mean?

We now know that the Spirit is a Person. He is God Himself. Can the Father give His Spirit in different quantities or measures? Well, the key to understanding this phrase lies in the truth that the Spirit is not just “Spirit” but also “spirit”!!  Did you notice the difference? The first, with a capital “S” is  often used in the scripture when the Person of the Spirit is involved and “spirit” with a small “s” describes the influences of the Spirit on a man through his human spirit. You will recognize the scriptural pattern of describing these influences as “the spirit of —”, such as the spirit of wisdom or the spirit of power. 

These influences of the Spirit were given in measure in the Old Testament. For example, David was anointed to be King, but you never heard of a sign or wondered that He performed. Samson was anointed, but the only manifestation of the Spirit in his life was physical power. Did you ever read of a prophecy or some miracle that Samson performed? No! He had the Spirit manifesting through him specifically for physical strength. He had the Spirit as spirit of might, a measure. Elijah was anointed heavily for signs and wonders but how many prophetic insights have you read that Elijah documented about the Christ or end-times? The Spirit was operating in him as the spirit of might and power. He had the Spirit in a measure. Isaiah was also filled with the Spirit. However, do you hear of many miracles and signs that he performed? No! However, he is the prophet of the Christ in the Old Testament. The Spirit was operating in Him principally as the spirit of wisdom, able to know the depths of God. Can you see the pattern?

When Jesus showed up, the totality of manifestations of the Holy Spirit was in Him. You look at Him and you see all the expressions of the Holy Spirit. He did not have the Spirit in measure, but in full. This fullness is not merely at the dimension of “spirit”, that is, the expression. It is first and foremost in the fullness of the Spirit dwelling in Him. Do you realize that those anointed in the OT did not have the Person of the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God in His fullness dwelling in them as He does in us? They were not born again!

The most astonishing fact in this is that just as Jesus received the Spirit without measure, so we in Him, have been given the Spirit without measure!! ( Col. 2:10)


What is the difference between “Spirit” and “spirit”?


You have been filled full in Christ! Let this consciousness be ingrained in your heart.


Thank the Father for the gift of the fullness of the Spirit in Christ.

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