The importance of the unity of the Spirit

Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3, KJV)

There is unity amongst us as believers that is formed as the Holy Spirit baptizes all of us into one Body, the Body of Christ. There is something common amongst all of us, and that is stronger than the outward differences we have.  That is the One Spirit we have received from God, that abides in all of us and made us the children of God. We are a family.

Unity in the faith, and amongst us is crucial. I watched a video clip a few weeks back depicting hyenas attacking a lion and I looked in amazement how that lion was running for its life. I thought to myself  “a lion running away from hyenas? That is strange”.  I did not watch the end of the clip to know what happened to this lion. As I thought about it, it dawned on me why a lion could run away from a hyena. The lion was alone, and there were about 3-4 hyenas. This is the unique advantage that comes with unity. This is a purely physical advantage of unity from the outward perspective of being together. Christian unity goes is more profound.

It requires the brethren to be at peace with each other, and not just being physically present together. As I reread this scripture, it struck right through my spirit as my eyes opened again! Peace between brethren maintains the unity of the Spirit. This is not just being together in a group as those hyenas, but a much deeper,  heart to heart unity and oneness. You can have a church of many members always together but not united. The same is true of individual families. Do you know that just as the isolated lion was vulnerable to being killed by the enemy because it was alone, and had broken unity, so we get exposed to the enemy when this Spirit-unity is broken?

In fact, the Lord used the family unit to explain this to me. When the heart to heart unity between a man and his wife is broken, whatever the reason—arguments, bitterness, etc, it affects the unity of the Spirit and opens a door for the enemy to operate in that home. This is part of the reason the Lord says do not let the sun go down on your anger because Satan will take advantage of it. How does he do that? He watches for breaks in the hedge around us created by disunity. Remember, Christian unity is not just being together as a group, but being together in one heart and mind that creates a bond of peace. It applies to our homes as much as it pertains to the Church in general.

Maintaining bitterness, anger, hatred, etc. in your home or church is an open invitation for Satan to come and feast as those hyenas would have had the lion for their lunch!  Heal breaches quickly in your relationships through giving and receiving of forgiveness as needed always to maintain the unity of the Spirit.


How do you maintain the unity of the Spirit from the verse above?


Local Churches might meet together in one place but are not in unity. Disunity not only opens the doors to Satan as above but affects the flow of the power of God. We are born to be one. Maintain that unity by the bond of peace.


Ask the Lord to help us grow in unity amongst ourselves. 

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