The Spirit Helps Our Weaknesses

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words (Rom. 8:26 ESV)

Spirit helps our weaknesses in prayer showing a group of business men praying

We all need help in prayer. We need help with the very desire to pray. We need help with the strength to do so. However, the verse above gives us a unique aspect of our prayer lives that we also need a tremendous amount of help. We need assistance with knowing what to pray for.

The Holy Spirit helps us in this weakness of ours. I want you to think of what might be in the prayer inbox in heaven from believers here on earth. Can you imagine the things people are asking God for?

The Lord first opened my understanding regarding the things I should prioritize in prayer when He drew my attention to the prayers of the Spirit revealed through the Apostle Paul. I challenge you today to personally take a quick glance at the content of all the prayers in the New Testament and note the content of those prayers in comparison to most of our prayers today. You will be personally amazed. Countless hours of prayers are lifted up each day for breakthroughs, marriage partners, children, money, family issues,  etc. Not many pray for God to cause the believers to grow to spiritual maturity in their relationship with the Lord not to mention praying for souls to be saved. However, when the kingdom is first in your life, all other things will be added to you! Catch this revelation and revolutionize your prayer life.


What is the content of most of the prayer requests you make? Do you realize you also need help, as we all do?


Be conscious of what you are focused on in your petitions to God. Asking God for a breakthrough in a crisis is not wrong. However, when that is the only thing you pray for or spend your entire prayer life on, then you certainly need help! Allow the Spirit to guide you to the most critical prayer points in your life, even when there is a pressing physical need.


Ask the Lord to help reshape your prayer life.

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