What is the Holy Spirit’s Name?

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name.. (John 14:26 ESV) 

The name of the Holy Spirit revealed to us in scripture

As a person, we expect the Holy Spirit to have a proper name. Interestingly, the scripture does not reveal a proper name for the Holy Spirit, such as Jehovah in the Old Testament used for the Father and Jesus in the New Testament used for the Word. So how does the Holy Spirit know you are referring to Him? Or what name does He respond to?

But first, what is the role of a name? As you reflect on the answer to this question, consider the function of your own name. A person’s name has four essential dimensions, especially any name attributed to God: identity, authority, nature, and operations. We will focus on identity and authority as they apply to the Holy Spirit in this brief devotional. 

The Holy Spirit is commonly identified by the name “Holy Spirit.” However, the phrase Holy Spirit is not a proper name. Instead, Spirit describes His nature as the Spirit that comes from God or is God, and therefore distinguished from others by the adjective “holy.” So when you say “Holy Spirit,” He knows you are referring to Him. Besides, scriptures also use names or titles that describe His operations in us( such as the Spirit of power) or His relationship in the Trinity—the Spirit of God, Spirit of the Father, or Spirit of Jesus.

But what name carries the authority of the Holy Spirit? If you say “in the name of the Holy Spirit,” no demon will bow. But call the name Jesus and the Holy Spirit shows up and responds in power! So He identifies with the name Jesus: He is One with Jesus( the Unity of the Godhead) and distinct from Him( Trinity).  

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What are the four major roles of a person’s name discussed above? How do they apply to the Holy Spirit?

As you walk with Him, call Him Holy Spirit or Spirit, and He knows you are referring to Him. Call Jesus, and He will respond and show up in power! 

Ask the Father to help you grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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