What is Impartation?

For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end you may be established (Romans 1:11, KJV)

Impartation is an important word that we must fully comprehend. The Apostle Paul spoke to the Romans above and said he was looking forward to meeting them so that “ I may impart unto you some spiritual gift.” What is this impartation?

There are two words I will examine here to show you the mysteries of the operation of God in our lives as a family through impartation. They are “transfer” and “partaking.”  I want you to think about the way we transfer money to someone in today’s world. Imagine you have $100, and want to transfer $25 to someone. The entity being transferred here is money. When you complete the transfer, you will be left with  $75 and the other person will have $25.  In some way, I can say you have “imparted” money to the person. You have transferred something from you to them. Spiritual impartation is a means of spiritual transfer of the spiritual gifts brought about by the power of the Holy Spirit. However, impartation is more profound than the simple process of transfer of money noted above.  It is not just a transfer but a sharing or  making someone to partake  of spiritual gifts. What is the difference?

Let’s get back to the money transfer above. In a simple physical transfer, the sender gave away what he had. He originally had $100, but after the transfer of $25 he was left with $75. However, in spiritual partaking or sharing, the sender does not lose anything. After the transfer of $25, the giver will still have $100 while the receiver will have $25. If everything was transferred, that is $100, then both of them will have $100 each. This is impartation! It is the sharing of spiritual gifts, without any depletion of the giver. Spiritual gifts, such as tongues, prophecy, working of miracles, word of wisdom, etc can be transferred. This is a special device God has given to us to multiply spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.  This is the reason why if you hang out with a minister operating in a particular gift, that gift will rub on you and begin manifesting in your life! It is a blessing and a wonderful thing. Take advantage of it. 

The good part is that the one who imparts others does not deplete his own gift, so there is no reason to be stingy with the anointing. Impartation is the device by which God uses to transfer mantles of the anointing from one person to another. Seize the opportunity and make use of the anointing God has placed in the body of Christ whether near you or far away!


What is the difference between natural transfer and impartation?


The most frequent means of impartation in scripture is laying of hands or through spiritual objects such as the anointing oil. However, very few have discovered that words are the greatest medium of impartation. In fact, God imparts to us through words! When you are reading a devotional like this one, listening to a sermon, reading the book of an anointed servant of God, etc, you have established a channel of impartation to partake of the grace that they carry!  You see that you can do something to be imparted. You know what to do! Make use of every means of impartation available to you. 


Ask the Lord to teach you how to receive an impartation from the mantles He has released on the earth. 

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2 years ago

Good evening sir, great grace upon your life and that of your family in JESUS NAME, sir I need Prophetic activation

Franklin Makia
Franklin Makia
3 years ago

Ohh I received it in Jesus name