What is Joy?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. (Galatians 5:22, KJV.)

Joy, a deep sense of happiness and pleasure, plays a crucial role in a believer’s journey with Christ. This devotional explores the nature of joy as presented in the New Testament and how it varies for believers and unbelievers.

First, acknowledge that joy is an emotion, and the Lord genuinely cares for our emotions. It is important to note that emotions are not inherently evil, despite what some believers might assume. In contrast, walking in the Spirit involves experiencing joy, an essential part of our emotions. Furthermore, the New Testament does not distinguish between joy and happiness. The Greek word for joy in Galatians 5:22 signifies “the emotion of great happiness and pleasure” or “the experience of gladness.”

Second, the believer’s joy is a fruit of the Spirit, distinguishing it from the joy of the unsaved. Everyone—believers and unbelievers—can feel joy, but a believer’s joy in the New Testament arises from the Holy Spirit’s work within us. It, therefore, differs from the natural, fleshly joy that unbelievers may feel. Thus, joy can be fleshly or spiritual, depending on its origin.

As the fruit of the Spirit, joy blossoms from seeds planted in the soil of our hearts. These seeds consist of the born-again human spirit, the Holy Spirit within us, the Word of God dwelling in our hearts (Jeremiah 15:16), and our nurturing fellowship and trust in God’s presence. Joy emerges spontaneously from salvation and our relationship with God.

In conclusion, joy is a vital emotion in our walk with the Spirit. Spirit-filled individuals are joy-full people.


Contemplate the definition of joy provided and the difference between a believer’s joy and the joy experienced by unbelievers.

Apply the Word

The Lord longs for us to remain joyful always. Our emotions significantly impact our walk with Him. Embrace the Spirit-generated joy, not the carnal or fleshly emotional responses. Walk in the Spirit—radiate joy!


Ask the Holy Spirit to assist you in preserving your joy during these challenging times.

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