Where Can I Find the Holy Spirit?

While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word (Acts 10:44, KJV)

I have been teaching on the supernatural on our Glory & Grace Live Bible studies lately. Last week, I did mention that the supernatural is technically “spirit-natural”, meaning the spirit manifesting in the physical. The Holy Spirit is the One that brings God’s world to us and thus manifests God’s supernatural in our world. Where can I find the Holy Spirit in the natural world we live in? Is there such a thing as “places” where He could be found in the present world? Well, there is!

There are three fundamental “places” where you can find the Holy Spirit and provoke a supernatural release or encounter in the natural. I began teaching on these  last week and will continue this Thursday. The first is that inside every one of us is a human spirit. As a believer, the Holy Spirit has become one with your human spirit. You are the first place where you can find the Holy Spirit! You engage that well inside of you principally through the avenue of the fellowship in  prayer. You can provoke the supernatural by activating the power of the Spirit right from within you!

The second place is the heart of another believer! God has given the Church a special spiritual device called impartation. You can encounter the Holy Spirit through another believer, including ministers. That is why you have to learn to make use of the gifts and offices that God has blessed the Church with. Another believer is a well of the supernatural you can drink from.

The third is an unusual well. It is one  many of us are not very familiar with. It is the scriptures! The scriptures are ordinary natural letters but they are a deep well of the Spirit! When a human being understands and believes or accepts as truth whatever is in the scriptures, the power of the Holy Spirit is activated! You can activate the Spirit through the scriptures alone!

Learn to make use of all these wells of the supernatural God has provided for us.


Can you repeat to yourself the different natural “places” you can find the supernatural mentioned above?


Do you need a miracle or breakthrough in an area? I have shown you above the “places” you can find the Spirit to provoke the supernatural in your life. Do not cry for a miracle. Do not be frustrated. God has put wells before you to drink. Go for them, for the violent take it by force!


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you know how to provoke the supernatural in your life. 

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