There is a River

There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High (Ps. 46:4 KJV).

there is a river

The scriptures use the word “river” to refer to an unending abundance of flowing water. Bodies of water are referenced throughout the scriptures, because it is an important metaphor to communicate deep spiritual truth.

Think about the incredible role and importance of water in our daily lives. Recall the refreshing effect a glass of cold ice water has on your body, especially when you are very thirsty on a hot day.

In the Bible, water typically refers to the activity of the Spirit of God, and His ability to meet the needs of humanity. Our needs make us thirsty. Many people are so thirsty for satisfaction, peace, and joy. They are overwhelmed with the burden of guilt from sin, and are thirsting for forgiveness. Others are captive with different types of bondage, and crying out for true freedom. The list continues- humanity is thirsty. Sadly, many are digging for water in very dry places.

God says there is a river that will make His people glad! You don’t just have water- you have a river from God! The Spirit of God is the answer to all of humanity’s needs- spiritual or natural. There is an abundance of water for you in Christ!


Why does the river make us glad? Declare that “the River of God is flowing out of my belly, and meeting every need in me, and those around me!”


Believers: you have what the world is looking for! Learn how to drink water from the fountain inside of you. The world is a desert. The river is found only in Christ.


Thank the Lord for the river. Pray that the Spirit will teach you how to drink from it, and be refreshed from the burdens of life.

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