How to Set Your Prayer Life on Fire

Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here (Matthew 17:4 KJV)

There are various things we could do to encourage or strengthen ourselves to pray. I will discuss one of the least appreciated method of kindling or rekindling the fire in your prayer life: the influence of God’s presence on your heart. We will use a lesson from the transfiguration story, though  this event was not mainly about prayer.

Jesus took Peter, James and John  to the mountain and became transfigured before them. Though their eyes were heavy with sleep, when Peter got up, he said to Jesus “ Lord, it is good for us to be here”. God’s presence  overshadowed them and Peter did not want the experience to stop. He longed to continue to be in God’s presence. This positive influence of God’s presence is the most powerful factor that keeps the fire of prayer burning.

Prayer begets more prayer. Since fellowship with God is at the heart of prayer, your spirit senses and recognizes God’s presence when you pray. Every time you pray, you will discover it become easier to pray the next time. Conversely, the more less you pray, the more difficult it will become to pray. Prayer begets prayer, and  prayerlessness leads to more prayerlessness. 

One of the most effective ways to start praying or to rekindle a dead prayer life is to muster your strength to get started. Those initial minutes or days will be difficult  but once you break through that obstacle,  you will later like Peter: “Lord,  I want to continue praying”!

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What are some of the major obstacles to prayer? See Matthew 21:41 for one of them.

Apply the Word

God’s presence will light the fire of prayer in your heart if you  will take that first baby step to start praying. If you do not have a personal prayer life, it is time to kindle  a fresh fire of prayer. If your prayer life died a long time ago and you are now wishing you could prayer as you used to, it is time to rekindle that fire. Can you give God time consistently for the  next couple of days and allow His presence   kindle, rekindle or fan the flames of prayer in your life?

Ask the Father to help you take the baby steps needed to spark prayer in your life. 

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