To be spiritually minded is life and peace

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (Rom. 8:6 KJV)

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The Apostle Paul imparts an intricate truth: our mind holds the power of life or death. Let’s delve into the concepts of being “spiritually minded” and what “life and peace” truly mean.

“Spiritually minded” in the Greek is literally “the mind of the Spirit”. The term mind in Romans 8:6 is from the Greek word “phronema”. Rather than referring to the mind itself, phronema encapsulates one’s mindset—the way of thinking or the characteristic attitude that shapes our response to life’s situations. It’s not merely what preoccupies our thoughts but how we perceive and react to life’s circumstances. A mindset could be, for instance, trusting God in hardship(spiritual mind) or loving the pleasures of the world rather than the things of the Spirit(carnal mind).

The mind of the Spirit is the mind under the control or influence of the Spirit. This mind aligns with divine thinking, desiring what God desires, rejecting what God dislikes, and envisaging the possibilities God sees, etc.

Contrasted with the flesh-driven mind that breeds death, the Spirit-guided mind fosters life. But what does Paul mean by “life” in this context? He pairs “life” with “peace” in the same verse, clarifying his intent. Mirroring Solomon’s usage of “life” in Proverbs 4:20-22 to signify health, here, “life” signifies spiritual life. Life in this context refers to God’s life manifesting within us—joy, peace, righteousness, health, etc., as opposed to death’s manifestations, such as sin, depression, and bondage.

Therefore, embrace the Spirit-guided mindset.


Reflect on Romans 8:6 and relate it to your current mindset.

Apply the Word

If life is peace, then anxiety or worry is death And if life is righteousness, then sin is death. Similarly, if life is joy, then depression is death. And God says our mindset determines whether we will enjoy life or suffer from the manifestations of death.So be spiritually minded so you can reap life and peace.


Implore the Spirit to guide you towards a spiritually minded life.

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