How to make your heart believe the Word of God

You visit the earth and give it rain; you make it rich and fertile… With rain showers you soften its soil, and make its crops grow (Ps. 65:9-10 NET)

Why are we called “believers”? This name is not accidental. It is because there is a nature inside of us that conditions us to believe in God. That is the new man, created in the image of God and imparted with faith from God. Believing should be normal for the “believer,” yet on the contrary, we find that we struggle to believe God, while disbelieving Him paradoxically comes naturally to us. The reason is because we have not nurtured the seed of faith in us and trained our hearts to believe God.

You can train your heart to believe the Word. The scripture above gives us a beautiful image of rain that falls on a farmland and makes it soft. God softens the ground and makes it ready for planting by sending rain upon it. The ground is the heart of man. Rain is the Word! (Deuteronomy 32:2, Isaiah 55:10-11.) You soften your heart by taking in God’s Word! Faith comes by the Word of God.


A sure reward of a life of meditation on the Word is faith that can move mountains. Allow the rain to fall on your heart, no matter how hardened it might have become. Meditate on the Word above!


Faith is not a direct answer to prayer for us today. You cannot pray and ask God to send faith into your heart. He has already planted the seed of faith. Ask Him for the rain on your land now. Pray that the Spirit will enable you to constantly pay attention to God’s Word.


Get in the rain of the Word! Are you having difficulties with your faith? Do not pray and ask God to give you faith. Do just two things: first, let it dawn on you that God has put faith inside of you, which is why He calls you a “believer.” Second, get under the rain of the Word! The rain “knows” how to soften the ground. Constantly fill your heart with the Word of God.

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