Four Types of Hearts—Which One is Yours?

The sower soweth the word. (Mark 4:14, KJV)

In the parable of the sower, Jesus unveils a profound mystery of the kingdom of God, demonstrating how the Word of God operates in various hearts as a seed. There are four types of grounds symbolizing different heart states: wayside, stony, thorny, and good.

Jesus describes a sower scattering seeds on his farm. The seed symbolizes the Word of God, the ground signifies the heart, and the outcomes are plants that sprout and fruit they yield.

The first type of heart is the wayside or roadside heart. Seeds fall on the road, and birds devour them. These are people who hear God’s Word but do not understand it.

The second type is the stony heart. Seeds landing on the stony ground sprout quickly due to shallow soil but wither under the sun’s intense heat. Stony hearts embrace God’s Word and briefly feel enthusiasm but lack a solid foundation. They do not fully commit and abandon their faith under slight pressure.

The third type is the thorny heart. Thorny hearts accept the seed of the Word but cannot flourish because of thorns. The thorns symbolize the concerns of life. These people cannot follow God because they prioritize other things over Him—pleasures, money, business, fame, friends, family, personal desires, etc.

The fourth type of ground is the good ground. The good ground receives the seed of the Word, comprehends, trusts, and obeys the Word, holding firm and producing spiritual results in a transformed life.

Sadly, as we read this devotion, the words touch different types of hearts. It will bear fruit in some but not in others. However, the Lord desires us to cultivate good hearts that listen to His Word and yield fruit.


What are the four types of hearts in the parable of the sower? Contemplate this truth as you consider the Word of God as a seed landing on your heart.

Apply the Word

What is obstructing God’s Word in your heart? What keeps you from wholeheartedly following God? Make your heart fertile ground. Understand, trust, and surrender to God’s Word.


Ask the Spirit to help us react appropriately to His Word.

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