Two types of fear you have probably experienced

Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. (Ps. 34:11 NAS)

There are two types of fear revealed to us in the scriptures. There is the healthy fear of God, often described as the fear of the Lord, and the destructive, slavish fear of other things. The healthy fear of God produces a holy reverence and awe for God. It ignites adoration and worship, and keeps us away from evil. This type of fear is critical for a healthy spiritual life, and God wants you to maintain a healthy dose of it. The scripture above exhorts us to learn and cultivate this type of fear.

The second type of fear is more common, and is detrimental to both our physical, and spiritual well-being. It is the destructive fear of our environment, including people, events, places, and demonic powers. This fear enslaves us, causing a complete paralysis of our daily function. More importantly, this negative fear can interfere with faith and divine help, while creating a conducive atmosphere for demonic activity. Feed the healthy fear of God, and demolish any slavish fear in your life. The Word is full of God’s command to “fear not”.  God’s antidote of fear in your life is trust in His presence with you.


Meditating on the Word makes God real to you, causing all other things to pale in comparison. Take a moment to meditate on the scripture above. Meditation gives the Word time in your mind and mouth.


Thank the Lord for the gift of His presence in  you. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you grow in your consciousness of God’s abiding presence with you.


Its your turn-act on the Word! Cultivate the healthy fear of God, and demolish any slavish fear. You cannot have a healthy fear of God, and willingly, deliberately commit evil. The fear of God makes you have a holy reverence for Him, so you avoid things He does not want for you. Actively refuse to allow the destructive fear take a hold of you. When (not if!) something makes you afraid today, take a moment and intentionally remember that God is with you. He will keep you safe and deliver you from every evil device. Then ask Him to take control, and give Him thanks for being your “present Help in times of trouble”. Faith in God’s presence and help is your sword to demolish fear in your life.


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