Does God care about what you desire?

Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps. 37:4 NAS)

One of the most powerful forces that control our behavior is desire. Zeal and hunger for God are rooted in our desire. Lust and craving for sinful things are rooted in desires. Unfortunately, it seems the desires of our heart have been trashed as altogether evil because of the pervasive ways it has often been used.

Desires are not evil in themselves. God created us with the power of desire. And most importantly, He cares about what we desire. Many believers have been groomed to think that God does not care about what you desire. That’s not true. The scripture above is one of many scriptures that tell us plainly that God does not only care about our desires but He delights in giving us the desires of our heart.If you are “afraid”  your desires might be evil, then there might be a separate issue you might need to deal with before stepping into this truth. Get the Word into your heart for cleansing.

Be certain that as you are intimate with the Lord, and walk with Him, He delights in giving you the desires of your heart today.


Ponder upon the scripture above. God cares about what you desire.  Let this reality sink into your heart as you ponder and think upon it.


Do you have something you are asking from God? One of the reasons prayers of petitions might be delayed or appear unanswered is because we sometimes do not tell God exactly what we want. ” Lord give me a husband or a wife”is an example of a very vague prayer.  Tell God the desire of your heart.


Do not silent your desires-God gave them to you. Rather, recover and redeem them. The greatest desire of all is your hunger and thirst for God. If that desire is low or apparently absent in your heart, that is an urgent issue you need to address. Hunger and thirst for God are a good thermometer of your spiritual health. The first part of the verse above says “delight yourself in the Lord”, which lays the foundation of pure desires. The next step will be to get specific about what you are asking from God. Tell God what you desire. Be specific and not general. Know that He takes delight to give you the desires of your heart.

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