What is Renewing the Mind?

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind… (Romans 12:2 KJV) 

Renewing the mind is a pivotal truth in the New Testament. Contrary to the common Christian teaching, renewing the mind is not the same as changing the way we think; it is deeper and richer, as seen below.

What is the meaning of the mind as used in Romans 12:2 above? We should distinguish two major uses of the term mind in the context of renewing the mind: broad and narrow. The narrow definition uses the mind as the seat of our thoughts. This narrow definition resulted in the narrow definition of renewing the mind which is changing the way we think. However, Romans 12:2 above has the broader definition of the mind(Greek nous) as the part of us that thinks, feels, and wills, and, therefore, naturally controls our personality and behavior. It is the totality of our inner conscious capacities. In Christianity today, we commonly call this the soul or the heart.

Therefore, the renewal of the mind is not merely changing how we think but a total transformation in the way we think, feel, and will, which naturally controls our character. And the primary means of changing the human mind, in general, is knowledge. This is not a Christian thing, but just the way God created humanity. It explains why we can go for some educational program and come back thinking or behaving differently, for better or worse. The knowledge of God, the Word of God, is God’s primary tool for renewing the minds of His people.

The renewal of the mind is the road to true Christian transformation and real spiritual maturity—how the Father is waiting for us to move beyond noise and excitement to the mature ones that creation is waiting for!

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What is the renewal of the mind?

It takes the Spirit of God using the Word of God in our lives to bring about the renewal of our minds. Plant the seed of the knowledge of the Word in your heart and then water that seed with prayer. If you do, the Spirit will ignite spiritual metamorphosis and slowly transform you from an egg to larva, then pupa, and finally to a beautiful butterfly!  

Ask the Father to help you renew your mind. 

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