Giving your mind time to nibble the Word

For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace (Romans 8:6, ESV)

Meditating on the Word is a crucial activity that will get your heart established on the Word of God. I have noted previously that we meditate on the Word with both our minds and our mouths! Let me focus on the mind today.

Rom. 8:6 above is not referring  directly to meditation but has truth for us. I want you to see the look at the word “set.” It means to focus the mind on something. Also, note that what the mind is set on affects what that individual experiences! This ability to set the mind on something is the cornerstone of meditation.

There is tremendous spiritual power unleashed in your spirit when your mind is focused on the Word of God. This is not a mysterious process. It simply means the time when your thoughts are focused on nothing else other than the word  of God, maybe the verse you are meditating on. That duration of time when your mind is fixed meditating on the Word of God is one of the most powerful moments that will change your life. 

Make sure you give your mind time with the Word. Note I did not say read the scriptures but give your mind time to be focused on the Word. If you have ever wondered how to change or train your heart in the things of the Spirit, here you have a secret being given to you. It does not come cheap, and this is the sad reason why many of you reading this devotional will not do it. It will cost you time to focus on nothing other than the Word but if you pay that price, your heart will become a giant in the things of the Spirit!


There is a reason why every Glory & Grace Daily devotional has a subtitle “Meditate.” It is not by chance! Give the verse some time in your mind right now!


Before closing this devotional, practice what you have just read. Take a moment and think on the verse above in light of what you have read. Let the Word be what is on your mind.


Ask the Spirit to help you plant the Word in your heart and pay whatever price that might be needed to giave your mind time on the Word. 

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