Three Tools that Lead to Financial Increase

Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: But much increase is by the strength of the ox (Proverbs 14:4 KJV)

What is money showing dollars in someone's pocket

We continue to unwrap the different facets of this year’s theme 

‘increasing spiritually and naturally”. We considered spiritual increase in our last Deshen Daily devotional; today, we examine a critical aspect of our earthly lives—finances or money. I will briefly enlist three essential tools God has given us to command financial increase in our lives and provide the relevant links to read more about them.

The three tools are spirit, mind, and muscles, and I have presented them in order of importance. Though the spirit is supreme, it works through the mind and the muscles. Similarly, though the mind is superior to the muscles, it functions through the muscles. You should pay close attention to putting all these tools to work in your life to see a consistently financial increase.

The spirit is the realm of the blessing. The blessing of the Lord is a spiritual power that causes everything in us and around us to increase. Your position in Christ and the habit of generosity or giving the keys to activating the blessing.

The second tool is the mind. There is money in your head. As I said previously, your ability to think is God’s gift to solve your financial or material problems. If you never find time to force your mind to tell you how to make money or come out of that financial challenge, that money will remain in your head!

The last of these tools is your muscle, meaning your physical strength. Solomon says in Prov. 14:4 above that the strength of the ox brings the increase. Putting more hours to work will make you more money, but it will make you a slave to work and money. Those who rule the world’s finances are not those who are the most physically strong, but those who use their minds to know what to do.

Put these tools to work in your life this year.

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Which of the tools above is currently working to increase you financially?

The financial increase is not accidental or by chance. Carefully think about how the tools above are currently working your life and what you will do this year about them.

Ask the Lord for the wisdom and power to increase financially. 

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