Divine financial prosperity: embracing God’s complete plan

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… (Hosea 4:6 KJV)

Gift of wealth from God

I have two important announcements for you as we step into this new week. First, a miniseries on financial prosperity will kick off from Monday and run through the entire week. I will review little bits of the key revelations about money, wealth, and poverty that God has given to us in the scriptures. Secondly, I am pleased to announce we have made some significant steps forward in solving some of the problems of our App and looking forward to the major update sometime this week with new and exciting features!

I have come to the recognition of the importance of knowing everything God has said about any subject. Ignorance, as well as incomplete knowledge, will cause damages to our lives, as Hosea 4:6 tells us. The same principle is true for financial prosperity.

The scripture teaches us in very plain language the importance of giving and associates it with the blessing of God that produces abundance in our lives. God did not stop there. He continues to tell us about the importance of diligence and work. He goes further and even shows us the importance of appropriate management of our material resources. There are different pieces to the puzzle of divine prosperity. They are not options for us to choose the ones we like or “feel comfortable” with. They are not mutually exclusive. They work together, and you should embrace ALL of them.

The purpose of this miniseries at Deshen Daily is to put together the major pieces of the puzzle of financial prosperity revealed in the scriptures for you. Put on your shoes and get ready!


Is the ignorance or incomplete knowledge of what God has said about your finances destroying your life in any way ( Hosea 4:6 above)?


The greatest thing you can do to apply this miniseries is to prepare your heart to understand and believe what I will be sharing with you. A critical part of that preparation is to be ready to search the scriptures for yourself.


Ask the Father to help you receive ALL that He has said about money, wealth, and prosperity in the scriptures. 

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How to turn Bible Study into encounters with God

If Bible Study is a boring and dead intellectual experience for you, then this teaching is for you! If you want to take your Bible study to the next level, then this is also for you!

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Introduction to Approaches to Bible Study

Lesson 1 of our new Course is now completed! The lesson PDF and video recording are now available on demand( and for FREE!) at DeshenSchool.com. Seize the opportunity!


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