Wilderness to a Garden

He turneth the wilderness into a standing water, and dry ground into watersprings(Ps. 107:35 KJV).

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The Lord is an Expert in turning a dry wilderness (desert) into pools of water. When Adam went out of the Garden of Eden, which was well watered, he entered into a wilderness. A wilderness is a place where we live without God’s presence. It is a place where there is no way (Ps. 107:40) and no water (Isa. 50:2.) Life in the wilderness is full of dryness, toiling, afflictions, and struggles. It is a place where there is no divine help. God turns the wilderness into a pool of water for us.

We left the wilderness forever the day we drank the Water of Life by believing in Christ. The Holy Spirit came and dwelt inside us, and all the thirst, hunger, searching, and feelings of eternal doom were forever quenched. However, God wants us to see that switch from the wilderness to the Garden in our daily lives.

There are moments in life when we find ourselves in the wilderness in our spiritual lives, relationships, health, finances, etc. These are situations in life that bring the wilderness experience to us. However, there is hope that every wilderness in our lives can become a spring of water.

The river of life resides inside of you, and you need only drink continually from there to water every desert in your life. This is done by putting God’s Word to work in your life.


What are some of the reasons why we can find ourselves in a wilderness? Can you SEE that it is possible for your own wilderness to turn into a spring of water?


Are you in the desert in any area in your life? What can you do from here to come out of it? See the July 27, 2017 devotional “Abide in Me.”


Ask the Lord to help you see how to escape from any wilderness you might have found yourself in.

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