The Mystery of the Word, the Words of God and Jesus!

IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1, KJV)

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Have you contemplated the divine mystery at the crossroads where the Word, God’s words, and Jesus converge? These concepts, seemingly intertwined, hold unique roles in unraveling a cosmic puzzle, leading us to deeper spiritual insights. John 1:1 is more than a verse; it’s a portal to understanding divine communication and incarnation.

Let’s explore this mystery. What does it mean for God to be the “Word”? In our world, words reveal our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Similarly, the “Word” is God’s revelation, His self-expression. The Word is not just a concept; it is God Himself, a Divine Being.

How does God reveal Himself? In the Old Testament, He speaks – His divine words are conveyed in human language to manifest Himself. When God said, “Let there be light,” these words were not just spoken; they were an expression of God as the Word. These words God spoke were then written down—the Word as the Scriptures.

Then, in a monumental act, this Divine Being, the Word, became human(John 1:14). This Human being—spirit, soul, and body—is the same Word that is God, was expressed as spoken words and penned as written words. This Word as Man is the One we call Jesus!

When Jesus was on earth, He spoke words—The Word as Man speaking the Word as words! Here is the key to all this: it is the same Word of God, Who is God, that is expressing and manifesting Himself to us in different ways.

Today, you do not have Jesus physically present. But you have the Bible—the same Word as written text! May the Spirit of the Lord help you to encounter the power and presence of Jesus in the scriptures!


Ponder the connection between the Word, God’s words, and Jesus. How does this revelation deepen your connection with God?

Apply the Word

Seek to deepen your revelation of the Son of God. Let the Spirit unveil Jesus to you, and make the Bible come alive.


Seek a rejuvenated passion for exploring God’s Word. Pray for the Holy Spirit to kindle a deep, enduring yearning to immerse yourself in the Scriptures like never before.

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