God the Word

IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1 KJV)

John establishes in John chapter 1 that the Word of God is a divine person who is fully God and is distinct from God the Father. This devotional will discuss a simple but profound truth that can truly transform your daily Christian life; it will discuss how God the Word interacts with us.

God the Word, just as God the Father, existed before creation. This pre-creation existence is God in His absolute essence. However, after God created the heavens and the earth, He has to relate to His creation, both in heaven and on earth. This relative or relational revelation is the centerpiece of how God has revealed Himself to us—always in relationship with us. So God the Word is the self-expression of God: He is God expressed to be known by His creation.

The Word, who has always existed as God, further reveals Himself to human beings in different forms. The first form of expression of the Word was the voice of God in Genesis 1:3. He continued interacting with the patriarchs until Job and Moses, when the same Word became written scriptures — a book. Further, He came to the prophets at different times and in different ways( Hebrews 1:1). Then in John 1:14, the Word took up another form of expression; He became a Human Being, Jesus. Remember, it is the same Word that was the voice of God, that came to the prophets, became scriptures, and then a Human Being. Jesus, the Word as a Man, left the world for heaven but left us with His Book, the Bible. The Bible, then, the Word in writing, is the totality of the self-expression of the same God the Word to us in His redemptive relationship with us. The Bible and Jesus are the same Word in different forms: one as a Human Being( Jesus) and the other as knowledge( the scriptures).

God the Word is present with us today as His knowledge in the scriptures. There is a reason we call the Bible the Word of God‚— it is time we understand and genuinely believe this. God the Word is present with us today as His Word(the Bible) and His Spirit. Therefore, the scriptures teach us that knowing the scripture is seeing(beholding) Jesus because the knowledge of God is a form of expression of the Word; when we know Him, receive that knowledge, we see Him. Knowing is seeing in the realm of the spirit! Keep beholding Jesus in the scriptures! ( 2 Corinthians 3:18).

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What is the relationship between Jesus and the Bible?  Why can we say Jesus had a beginning, but the Word has always existed?

Apply the Word

God the Word is in the form of the knowledge of the scriptures. When the breath of the Spirit blows upon that knowledge, the scriptures come alive and the living God shows up! May your eyes be opened to see and experience God in His knowledge. May the Bible be a living book and not dead writings to you.

Ask the Spirit to reveal God the Word( Jesus)  to you in the scriptures.

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