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The form of God

Who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped (Philippians 2:6 ESV)

I introduced the concept of the “form of God” a few days ago when I taught the mystery of what the Word of God really is. I requested you studied this word “form”. Well, let me review the beautifies and excellencies of our Lord Jesus as revealed in this word “form”.

As I mentioned, the word form is from the Greek “morphe” from which we get such words as metamorphosis, morphology etc. Its literally meaning is the form or outward shape of something. Our first temptation when we hear “form of God” is to think that God has some physical shape. As Vincent’s stated it so well in his Word Studies of the New Testament that “we must here dismiss from our minds the idea of shape”. The form of God does not refer to the shape of God. God does not have a physical body with characteristics such as shape, color, size, weight etc. someone once asked me that the elders of Israel saw God’s shape as a human form on the mountain. I will not address this here for space’s sake. 

The ESV translator notes states vividly that form here “means the true and exact nature of something, possessing all the characteristics and qualities of something”. Again the NET Bible translators also noted   “the Greek term translated form indicates a correspondence with reality. Thus the meaning of this phrase is that Christ was truly God”. 

A remarkable commentary which captures the heart of this word as used here is from Bullinger in the Companion Bible. He states form means “ the essential form, including all the qualities which can be made visible to the eye”. 

As I noted previously, the form of God combines two aspects : the essence of God and His expression. Jesus is truly God made visible to the human senses. There is nothing about God that could be revealed in the flesh that was not revealed in Christ. Remember, the form of God in Jesus was not His skin color, hair style, height, eye color, etc. All these things are meaningless as to the form of God. What revealed God in Jesus was His human personality, His very Person as a human being, just as any human being with outward and inward aspects. As the disciples saw Him, heard Him talk, saw what He was pleased with and disliked, knew His thoughts and how He thought, noticed How He loved people, rebuked the religious Pharisees, calmed the storm, etc, they literally saw with their physical eyes God in action. They were beholding the very glory of God because the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us and we beheld His glory( John 1:14)!  He was truly God and yet truly Man. May the Lord open your eyes to behold the glory of our wonderful Lord indeed. 


What is the meaning of the word “form” in the verse above?


Do you know Jesus? Yes, as Christians, we do. But do you really know Jesus? I mean, what is your revelation of the Master? Until the mysteries of the Person and Work of Christ are unveiled to you, Christianity will remain an empty religion and something you are trying to make it work. As I shared before, you do not need to have some dream of Jesus walking into your room to reveal Himself. He is right there in the book-the Bible  you carry in your hands. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened that you may look and see our Lord’s beauties in His wonderful Word!


Ask the Spirit to open the eyes of your understanding to see the glory of the Lord in His Word.

I will be teaching this  Thursday evening at 7pm Central time USA on the “Mystery of the Word of God” live on Facebook. Ensure you tune in or watch the recording  whenever you can!

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I believe am directed here by the lead of the holy Spirit.. Thank you Lord Jesus!

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