How God Made Balaam’s Donkey to Speak 

And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times? (Numbers 22:28 KJV) 

God made a donkey to speak to the estranged prophet Balaam asking him what she had done for the prophet to hit her three times. Numbers 22:28 above tells us, “the LORD opened the mouth of the ass.” I will briefly explain what this means and why this is crucial for our abilities to function in the Spirit.

Man is the only creature made in the image of God, and a significant part of that image is our ability to communicate using words. Theologians have called this faculty reason. Though donkeys can make sounds or communicate in primitive ways as lower animals, they cannot speak; they do not have the faculty of reason that God gave humans. 

However, Balaam’s story teaches us God can impart that ability to whatever He chooses and however He wants. This process involves imparting the human order of life to the donkey to operate in a human-like manner. When God imparts that dimension of life or quickens something, He causes that object to work differently. So God “quickened” the donkey and opened its mouth to speak.

This devotional is not about donkeys but you and me. Just as God can quicken a donkey to speak or even quicken Moses’ rod to become a serpent before Pharoah, He can quicken our bodies and our minds to operate at a higher dimension than usual(Rom. 8:11). The Spirit of God in us is God’s very life, so when He quickens our bodies or minds, He makes them operate in a God-like manner. How many times did you hear that Jesus was admitted to Jerusalem General hospital for some illness? His body was living under the law of the Spirit that lifted it above the law of disease and health operating in the natural(Rom. 8:2). Similarly, when we function in the gift of the word of knowledge, the Spirit of God has simply quickened our minds to know in ways beyond normal human abilities.

There is more to this Christian life than many of us have experienced. May you yield your body and mind so the Spirit can quicken you fully!

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What would happen if the Spirit quickens your emotions, thoughts, or desires?

We were quickened when the Spirit came into us at the new birth. As we renew our minds and yield our souls to Him, He quickens how we think, feel, and will. And still, as we soak in His presence and power, even our bodies become quickened. If God could make a donkey talk, what could He do with us, His children???

Ask the Father to quicken your mind and body as you yield to Him. 

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