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How I Provoke Revelation and Inspiration

The entrance of thy words giveth light; It giveth understanding unto the simple (Psalm 119:130 KJV)

Ever wondered where I get the things I share daily, every day, every year? Well, the gracious Lord has given me the wisdom to know Him and teach His Word for the building of His Church. That wisdom is spirit; it is an endowment that I did not have to read many books to receive. However, both scriptures and my experience have taught me that things I do can either stir or quench this gift. Interestingly, the same principle works for all spiritual gifts — whether wisdom or power gifts.

Three main things encourage revelation or inspiration from the Spirit: the Word, prayer, and meditation. The first action is to put the Word into my mind. God’s Word, which comes as knowledge into our minds, directly imparts understanding. I do not mean it gives you knowledge about things—which it does, but it imparts the mental ability to perceive, discern or receive knowledge. My spiritual understanding of scriptures decreases when I go a few days without reading or studying the Bible. It is a mystery I stumbled on personally—His Word imparts understanding, besides simply giving us knowledge of things.

The second thing I do is sharpen my spirit in prayer: specifically, I speak in tongues. I shared a few days ago about the mystery of praying in tongues. There are times I wake up in the morning not knowing what to do about something, and after praying in tongues, I know clearly what I should do. There is something about praying in tongues; it builds you up.

The third major thing I do is meditation, which could be part of my meditation on the Word. However, it also includes thinking about any issue at hand. It is a wonder how God downloads things into my mind when I take some time out to be quiet in my mind and think. 

I encourage you to put these things to work in your life. The revelations or inspirations will not be limited to understanding Bible verses. It could be about your finance, marriage, relationship, etc. You have the wisdom that created the universe in you — the Holy Spirit. Learn to fan His gifts to flames.

Read more; Fan into Flame the Gift of God


What is the difference between giving knowledge and imparting understanding, as I explained above, for Psalms 119:130?

Apply the Word

Learn to provoke the wisdom and power of God. Know that there are things you do that can either quench or stir God’s gifts in you. For wisdom, I encourage you to quicken your mind with the Word of God, building your spirit by praying in tongues( or just praying if you do not speak in tongues) and by meditation.

NB. I will teach on how to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues this evening at 7 pm Central Time. I will also pray for those who want to receive this gift. I encourage you to join me or watch the recorded and pray with me if you desire this gift. It will be based on this article, which you could read ahead of time, “ Three Steps to Receive the Baptism of the Spirit and Speak in Tongues”.


Thank the Lord for His wisdom that He has already put inside of you.

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