The key to a higher life

Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge.. (Lk. 11:52 KJV)

Jesus was addressing the Pharisees, scribes, and doctors of the law that were present. He admonished them for taking away the key of knowledge from the people. Our concern with this text today is not the rebuke of Jesus but what He said about knowledge. He says knowledge is a key, and the lawyers took it away from the people by not allowing them to know the truth.

A key gives you access by opening a door. The life of the spirit is heavily dependent on revelation knowledge given to us by the Spirit of God. Your present experience with God, and what you see in your life is at the same level of revelation knowledge you have. We cannot live victoriously above our current knowledge of God.  Knowledge is your key to the treasures of grace. What you don’t know, you don’t enjoy. Grace increases in our life as our knowledge of God and His Son increases. The Apostle Peter says “grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord (2 Pet. 1:2 KJV). 

It is our duty to press on to know God more. This is not primarily so that we can become spiritually knowledgeable of God, but because what God has given to us come through the avenue of knowledge. God Himself told us in Hosea 4:6 that His people, that is us, are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. What destroys His people? The issues of life, from sin, disease, lack, demons, fear and you continue to name it, all the enemies we have in this present life wanting to rob us of the good life Christ died to give us. It is vital we constantly increase in our knowledge of God, by personal study, Church services, listening to teachings etc. Go for the knowledge of God’s Word, and you will be glad you did. Ignorance is very costly in the kingdom, and we often underestimate the damage it causes in our lives. Do not suffer unnecessarily because you are ignorant of the Word of God regarding your victory. As newborn babies, always desire the sincere milk of the Word of God to grow thereby to maturity.


The Word in your mind and mouth (1 Tim 4:15; Josh 1: 8)

Think about knowledge being a key.


Water the Seed (word) to grow. Invite the Spirit’s strength! (Isa 32:15; Zach 4:6)

Ask the Lord for a spirit of wisdom and relation in your knowledge of Him.


Your door to a blessed life today is doing God’s Word. Refuse to be a hearer or reader only! (James 1:22-26)

Get practical now.  Where do you stand in your knowledge of God’s Word? Set yourself up for victory. Having sparing knowledge of the Word, as many believers sometimes do, is opening up our lives to being destroyed because of ignorance. A higher life is waiting for you as you grow higher in your knowledge of God.

What will you from today to constantly grow in the Word of God?

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