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The most excellent course every human being should take

But ye have not so learned Christ; If so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus (Ephesians 4:20–21 KJV)

Paul spoke the words above to the Ephesians as he described what the  Christian life should look like. After describing the impure and sensual lifestyle of the other gentiles in verse 19, he then adds, “but ye have not so learned Christ”. The Ephesians had already learned Christ, and he was reminding them that the behavior he just described was not in accord with the Christ they had learned.

Christ here is used for the life or simply the lifestyle of Jesus. He is the lesson or course that every human being has to learn if we are to fulfill our purpose on the earth. The lesson begins when a man or woman accepts Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. As soon as that is done, the Father enrolls then in the University of Heaven, to take a course called Christ. Can you guess who the Teacher or Lecturer of that Course is? The Holy Spirit!

As a Christian, your goal should be Christlikeness in your outward man. You are perfectly Christ-like in your spirit. The Spirit wants to teach you so that the way you think, feel or make decisions in life, as well as your personality with the way you talk and act, should be Christ in expression. 


Please take a moment and ask read through the main scripture above. Think through every word. Say those words out as your heart takes hold of them.


You were enrolled in this course of life the day you received Christ as your Saviour. The Spirit wants to bring you to spiritual maturity, which is how Christ-like your character and expressions are, and not merely how well you are doing in ministry, prayer, Bible study, fasting, giving, attending Church etc. Please take this lesson seriously!


Ask the Spirit to help you fully concentrate in this class and to absorb every bit of the material!

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