And hath made us kings

And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen (Revelation 1:6 KJV) 

Glory & Grace Daily for yesterday reviewed our royal priesthood in Christ. Let me discuss our kingship today. Revelations 1:6 above tells us Christ has made us kings( actually “kingdom of” in the Greek) and priests unto the Father. As priests, we are and bring spiritual sacrifices to God, which are acceptable and well-pleasing to Him. What about our kingly function?

The centrality of a kingdom is the reign of a king through royal power. In other words, the main meaning of reigning as kings centers on exercising royal power and authority. There is a lot that could be said about the kingdom of God but for the sake of this devotional, let me point out a few things  that will help you grasp the revelation of your kingly role in Christ.

The first is understanding the meaning of reigning. To “reign” essentially means to rule or have absolute royal control over. In our world today, we are more familiar with presidents or prime ministers than kings. A kingdom is different from nations ruled by presidents. It entails absolute authority and rule by the king. It is not a democracy. When you reign, you exercise absolute and complete authority and rule. Herein lies part of the hindrance many of us will face in fully reigning with Christ: who are your subjects that you are reigning over? 

What comes to your mind when you think about a king? Well, someone on the throne who is ruling over people, right? And when you think about the fact that you are a king in Christ, this image most likely crosses your mind too. This mentality will be an obstacle to fully understanding your reign as kings in Christ. God’s kingdom is not authority and kingly rule over other people or other Christians. Do not imagine that ruling in Christ means having people, whoever they are, under you. The only beings God has granted kingly authority over are demons. It is by divine decree and the will of the Father that the believer should have royal authority and exercise kingly power over demons. That means your command to demons is royal authority, not subject to questioning or discussion! You are meant to rule over demons. 

Romans 5:17 gives us a glimpse of the practical meaning of our reign with Christ. It says we shall “reign in life”. It means to rule over everything God has created. Do you remember when God gave Adam and Eve domination over the earth in Gen. 1? He did not give Adam dominion over Eve, but give both of them dominion over everything created on earth. It was not possible for a lion to attack Adam before the fall. Neither was it possible for a virus to infect his body and cause illness. He ruled over everything. He was in charge, total and absolute control, reigning in life.

Imagine being in total and absolute control over the circumstances of life. Imagine being in control over bacteria and viruses that cause illness? What about economic crises, addiction, mental breakdowns,  and even death?  Think about never being defeated even for one second by demonic powers! God has called you to reign in life through grace! ( Rom. 5:17).  

A similar mystery for another day is the fact that Jesus is not just a King that has His Church as the subjects of His kingdom as the kingdoms of the world. His kingdom is strange and unusual. The King is actually reigning in His subjects! That is, the King is in His subjects, exercising His authority through them! That is why Jesus can reign over you through your Pastor, the One He has put over you as a spiritual authority. It is not because your pastor has control over you, but because Christ is ruling through Him as the spiritual authority in His house! The same is true about the affairs of life. Christ will subdue the unbelievers who are attacking His Body and break them to pieces not as Jesus a separate person on the earth but as His Church! That is, you will be the one to break these kingdoms to pieces because Christ is in you!!

The Lord open your understanding the fully grasp the meaning of His kingdom at work in you and to cause you to begin to reign in Him!


I want you to reread Rev. 1:6 again above. Think about every word in it. Give the Word time in your mind. Then say those words out loud again and again. Meditate on the Word!


God wants you to reign over sin, disease, poverty, fear, anxiety, demons, etc. You are a king( applied to both sisters and brothers). Are you ready to reign? You do not need to beg God to do it. Christ has already made you royalty. Reign in life through your Saviour’s grace!


Thank the Lord for making you royalty and ask the Spirit to help you fully exercise and enjoy your kingdom authority over anything that is harassing your life! 

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