Prophesy unto these Bones

Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD (Ezek. 37:4 KJV)

Prophesy unto these bones image showing a prophet with his hands up

The Lord showed prophet Ezekiel a vision of a valley full of dried up human bones and gave him an unusual instruction to “prophesy upon these bones”. He also gave Ezekiel the words to speak to the bones “ o ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD…I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live ( v4-5”).

Notice the prophetic message that was spoken to the bones. It highlights one of the prophetic arms which many believers do not recognize today. In fact, whenever we hear of prophecy today, many of us think exclusively of a message revealing the future or some word of knowledge. This is only one part of the prophecy which is “foretelling.”

However, prophecy also has to do with “forth-telling”, that is speaking forth God’s words to someone or something. Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones and told them what the LORD was saying. He was “forth-telling”. Prophecy is not just reciting the words of God. It is uttering God’s words through the Holy Spirit. Only those who are endued with the Spirit of God( every believer) and those specially anointed for the office of a prophet can do this. 

Ezekiel spoke to dry bones. Jesus commanded us to talk to mountains. When you speak by the Spirit, you are not just uttering words. You are prophesying, speaking forth the word of God by His Spirit to the challenging situations in your life. Prophesy to the dry bones in your life!


What is prophecy, from the devotional above? Why is it that today, every believer can prophesy in the general sense? ( Joel 2:28-29)


Do you realize that you can prophesy to your body? Or maybe to your finances? What has God said about the disease in your body? What has God said about your children? What has God said about that demonic oppression? You have the Spirit of God. Start prophesying to these dry bones in your life!


Thank the LORD for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

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