Why do we speak to mountains in the first place?

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith (Mark 11:23, KJV)

Glory & Grace Daily devotional for yesterday dealt with a critical aspect of our walk of faith, which is learning how to speak to the mountains in our lives. I will take this revelation a step further and get behind the scenes to show you the mysteries that take place in the spirit when we speak to mountains as in the verse above.

Why do we speak to the mountains in the first place? What are we seeking to achieve? It is obvious that it is not mere talk or empty human words that matter. The ultimate goal of speaking is that by the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit in a human being, we can speak words that have the characteristics of words spoken by God Himself  and so do what the words of God do. The ultimate aim of speaking is to release words coming from God.

When God speaks, his words are full of power and life. That is why creation occurs when He speaks. It is the reason why the dead are brought back to life when He speaks. The astonishing marvel of the New Testament and the grace in Christ is that God has called the believer to partake of His life and function like Him. He wants us to speak His words. When we speak to mountains, it is not as though mountains move because of our human voices or how loud  we shout. It is the Word of God in our words that move the mountains! The question is how do I speak God’s words?

There are two critical prerequisites for us to speak words  come from God, God’s words or for short God-words. First, it takes the Holy Spirit to speak God-words. You have the Holy Spirit as a believer, so you meet this criterion. That is why God said in Joel 2:28-29 that when He  pours out His Spirit, all His people will prophesy, that is, speak God’s words! 

The second critical prerequisite to speak God-words is faith in a human heart. I already discussed this yesterday, and you now see why it is important. Everybody can speak to mountains, but not everyone can speak God-words which are full of life and power. And the good news is that every believer, as a prophet per Joel 2:28-29, has the ability to do this. Become conscious of this truth. Train yourself in the Holy Ghost. Train your heart in faith. Start learning to live and talk like God…..for these are the days of the Sons of God being manifested on the earth, living and talking like Him!


What are the two basic requirements for us to speak words with God’s life and power? Did you ever read in the Bible where God instructed the ordinary Israelites in the Old Testament to speak to mountains as He did to us? Why not?


You have the Holy Spirit. Be conscious of His presence and power in you. I have taught several times on the importance of building fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Train yourself for glory! Yesterday, I also mentioned the importance of training your heart to believe. This is the good news:  you can train yourself and grow in your walk with the Spirit and in faith. It is not too hard. It simply takes the will, patience, and right teaching. Creation is waiting to see the Son in you come out, men and women living and talking like God. Glory to God. We are growing, and the world will soon see an explosion of glory on the earth!


Ask the Spirit to help you invest in your relationship with Him like never before. 

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