Do not live a lie

“Behold, you trust in lying words that cannot profit” (Jer. 7:8 NKJ).

When Jeremiah prophesied, it was a very difficult time to be a prophet in Israel. The nation had sinned against God. He was bringing judgment against them, but false prophets told the people that all was well and that they should expect nothing but joy, peace, or even prosperity! Then God sent Jeremiah with the truth to tell them all was not well and that they should turn from their evil ways or else disaster would strike. The people hated him for this.

The people trusted in a lie, and ended up in a disaster. Sadly enough, this continues to be the experience of many today. They are realizing, after committing years, resources, or personal sacrifices to something or someone, that they were living a lie. It is your responsibility to know the truth and free yourself from deception. It might be some “man of God,” doctrine, philosophy, relationship, or even your emotions that lead you astray to live a lie. As the scripture above teaches, if it is a lie, it will not be beneficial. Do not continue to live a lie just because that has been your way for a long time. There is no freedom or success in living a lie. God’s Word is Truth. It does not matter what the situation is. If you begin to look at the Word and feed your spirit with it, you will be amazed at how many things will become clearer to you, and you will wonder what on earth made you trust in the lies in the first place. The Word is Light, and enlightens the human heart.


What do you think convinced the people of Israel to believe in the lies of the prophets?


Drinking alcohol to numb some pain in your life is an example of living a lie. Are there any lies in your own life?


Ask God for discernment and enlightenment of the Word to keep you from lies.

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