Renew your mind daily

And that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, (Eph. 4:23 NAS)

Renew your mind daily in the Word-that’s your key to unlocking the life in your spirit. This is not mere positive thinking or a scheme to add to our self-help strategy. It is central to the new life we are called to live. God made man essentially a spirit being, but spirits do not live on earth! Man was given a body to live here and the life in our spirit has to function through the soul. The life of God in your spirit can only be expressed to the extent that your soul allows. In the soul is your thoughts, desires, will, imaginations, feelings, etc.

If not of our souls, all of us as believers will live exactly like Jesus did because we are all like Him in our spirits. When you renew your mind daily, you align your soul with the life of God in your spirit for perfect expression. If you are fearful(your mindset), you will short-circuit the life of God inside of you. If you are always thinking low about yourself, you will not have the boldness of faith required to walk in the Word. Our mind is a major limiting factor. As you renew your mind daily with God’s Word, you start thinking like God. As you think like God, you start talking and acting like God and then you begin to have God’s results.

Meditate -Renew your mind daily

Meditation in the Word constantly is the pivot in renewing your mind. As you think and mutter God’s Word, it molds and shapes your mind. Do not “try to change your mind”. Simply put God’s Word there and the Spirit will do the rest. This is what makes this exhortation different from a self-improvement effort. It is indeed an effortless change on our part. Your mindset and “heartset” begin to change as the Word takes root in your soul. Meditate on the verse above. How is your thinking? How do you see life? God sees you as bold, confident, blessed and successful. How do you see yourself?


Earnestly ask the Holy Spirit to help you renew your mind daily. The degree to which your mind is yielded to the Spirit determines the degree to which you will experience God on the earth.

Act on the Word!

A new life begins with a new mind. You cannot conquer fear and anxiety until you start thinking differently. Someone might be reading this devotional today and is in some chains in your mind by something that happened 10 years ago. As you allow God to make you start thinking differently about that individual or that situation, your change will begin. Renew your mind daily and constantly with God’s Word. The new mind God wants us to have is no a “positive mind”. It is a “Word mind”. Let His Word guide your thoughts, and you are in for His life today.

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