Accessing spiritual power

..The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. (Jas. 5:16 NLT)

Life on this earth is governed by the realm of the spirit, whether we are aware or conscious of it or not. Many people are under spiritual power and influences without realizing it. Power is a trait of the kingdom of God. It is the ability to change a situation, and produce results. There are many things in our lives we would have changed if we had the ability. That is an indication to us that we might need power.

As believers, we are ahead in life because access has been granted to us to the spiritual power that is able to control every aspect of our earthly life. God has given to us different avenues of accessing and tapping into that power. God’s power is not limited to healing the sick or casting our demons. It is not limited to a miracle service. You can experience a miracle but turn to be a failure in your family, relationships, ministry, finances etc. The power of God is divine ability at work in us to command changes in every aspect of our lives and produce tangible results.

The verse above teaches us that prayer is one avenue by which we can release the power of the supernatural. When we are taunted by some demonic power, or infirmity, or even a social crisis, prayer is an avenue to unleash the spiritual power to command a change. It is one of many. You can also contact power by contacting a Vessel of God full of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, who prays with you. Prayer is a  switch that turns on spiritual power, even personally. Cultivate the habit of attending to personal and cooperate prayer with other believers. There are some obstacles you might be facing that simply require spiritual power to break through. Begin to activate power in your life by a spirit of prayer.


The Word in your mind and mouth (1 Tim 4:15; Josh 1: 8)

Meditation on the Word gets your spirit charged with power that is in God’s Word. That is why we meditate,  to receive the life and power in God’s Word just as we eat to receive the nutrients in the food we eat. Think upon the Word above.


Water the Seed (word) to grow. Invite the Spirit’s strength! (Isa 32:15; Zach 4:6)

 Thank the Lord for the special avenue of prayer given to us. Earnestly desire a spirit of prayer from the Lord today.  Do not fall into the snare of saying ” I do not have enough time”. That’s Satan’s trap for you. Yes, you have time, ask the Lord to help you see what matters most in your life.


Your door to a blessed life today is doing God’s Word. Refuse to be a hearer or reader only! (James 1:22-26)

Get practical. Rather than complain or worry about something today, act upon God’s Word today. Pray about it in faith. Do you still have a prayer life? If not,  get started today!

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