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An Aspect of Abraham You Might not have Heard About

For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment… (Genesis 18:19, KJV)

The scripture teaches us many things about Abraham, the man of faith. We have learned of his jaw-dropping obedience to God and also the tremendous blessings and divine favors he enjoyed during and after his lifetime. However, let me point out a subtle aspect of Abraham that is not as obvious as the others. It is found in the verse above.

The LORD said He knew that Abraham would command his children and his household after him to walk in His ways. This by itself should catch our attention. The LORD is concerned about how we raise our children to know Him. It is evident in the Old Testament especially in the commandments to Israel that the Lord takes seriously the fact that parents should tell their children about His works and remind them constantly of what He has done.

Abraham was a family man. His success was not the multitude of earthly riches he amassed. His success was summed up in one word : Isaac. He raised up this boy to know his father’s God as his own. In fact, when Rebecca, Isaac’s wife,  came to Isaac for the first ime, she met him meditating in the fields(Gen. 24:63). Where do you think he learned to do that? Or who had taught him the ways of God? There is no question his Father placed a role in this. That is why the LORD says in the verse above that he knew  Abraham is a man he can count on to nurture his children in the way of the Lord.

There is a disaster in many Christian families today, especially amongst ministers. We spend time winning and grooming others while neglecting our own children. Know that God is looking up to you, parent or future parent,  to instill in your children the faith and experiences you have had in your walk with Him. Do not let your children walk alone on the way of God as in the image above!!


Why do you think God is concerned about us “transmitting the faith” to our children?


Do not fail God with the children He  has entrusted to you. He is looking up to you to instill His fear and love in them. Satan is educating our children in ways that are beyond our imagination. Do not sit on the sidelines. 


Ask the Lord to help you imitate not only Abraham’s faith but also  his dedication to raise godly children. 

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