I know the thoughts that I think towards you

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11 KJV)

I know the thoughts that I think towards you showing a book with a pencil

The knowledge that God thinks about us is awe-inspiring, but realizing these thoughts are filled with peace and well-being is even more uplifting. Today, let’s delve into this profound verse to understand God’s intentions and significance in our lives.

A fundamental truth emerges from this text: God thinks; thus, He has thoughts. Unlike symbolic descriptions of divine activities in scriptures, such as “the hands of God,” this isn’t a metaphor or anthropomorphism—using human bodily features like hands, feet, and bowels to describe God. While God doesn’t possess a physical body, He does have thoughts. Our cognitive abilities are a testament to being created in His image.

God continually thinks about you, contemplating our well-being and how He can bless us. If you’ve ever wondered what God’s thoughts about you might be, look no further than the New Testament. The Gospels and Epistles articulate God has plans for us throughout the ages. These once-secret thoughts have now been illuminated for our understanding.

God’s thoughts are transparent and accessible to us. He wishes for us to grasp the depth of His love, realize that He’s equipped us with all we need for a godly life, and understand His desire for us to enjoy eternal life. Anything contrary to the New Testament doesn’t align with His thoughts, and we should dismiss such notions from our lives. I am certain you have not found a verse in the New Testament that reveals how God thinks of ways to make us sick, poor, or miserable. 

We don’t need revelations from heaven, dreams, or spiritual visions to discern God’s thoughts. The Bible, particularly the New Testament, transparently reveals God’s intentions for His people in Christ. His thoughts are laid bare for all, ensuring that any teachings, prophecies, or revelations align with His established word. 

Allow His thoughts, as articulated in the Bible, to illuminate your path in life.


Reflect on a specific thought God might have about your current situation.

Apply the Word

Acknowledge and trust in God’s thoughts for you.


Express gratitude to the Father for His benevolent intentions towards us.

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