What is the Touch of God?

Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth (Jer. 1:9 KJV)

The touch of God showing a hand

God touched people in the scriptures, and He continues to touch others today. One thing is sure after God touches anyone: His touch creates an experience with a permanent transformation. But first, let us understand what the touch of God is, given that God does not have a physical body. 

God touched Jeremiah’s mouth in a prophetic vision. Recognizing that Jeremiah’s experience was a prophetic vision is key to understanding this passage. God is not a human being and does not have a physical hand. However, He often reveals Himself in human form in prophetic visions. Jeremiah likely saw a physical hand of the Lord touching his mouth. Furthermore, he probably felt the touch(physically) yet in the visionary state. 

Jeremiah’s experience reveals three essential components of the touch of God. First, God reached out His hand( symbolic) to touch Jeremiah. Second, the hand contacted Jeremiah’s body. Third, Jeremiah felt the touch. That touch unleashed the prophetic in Jeremiah’s life.

God’s touch is not limited to visions, as in Jeremiah’s case. What Jeremiah saw symbolically as a physical hand is God’s power. The touch of God, in essence, is God’s power contacting us to influence or change our lives. He could touch our bodies, hearts, or even circumstances; this divine touch can occur as we receive the Word, pray or when someone ministers to us. Similarly, He can touch you through a vision, as in Jeremiah’s case.  

So God continues to touch people today as His power contacts us to change our lives to bring us into divine experiences. 

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Please meditate on Jeremiah 1:9 above as you put yourself in Jeremiah’s place. 

This is the good news: you can provoke the touch of God. If God does not touch you, touch Him to initiate His touch! That is what the woman with the issue of blood did( Matt. 9:20). When you grow in knowledge, stretch your faith, seek Him in prayer, etc., you are provoking a divine touch. Remember, ask, seek and knock! 

Ask the Father to touch you in that place of need. 

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  1. I woke up in the middle of the night with such intense burning love for Jesus. My chest felt so heavy with a love I have never experienced before. I went to Church the next morning. That same love that I encountered the night before came from the Tabernacle in Church and entered my heart once more.
    I want to spend the rest of my life becoming closer to the Blessed Mother and her Son, Jesus.

  2. God loves me I must say. I had some things on my mind just this week and I went to a quite place to talk to God. In the midst of my prayers and tears, I felt the warm embrace of the Father. I felt the cool breeze enfolding me and I rested in that position for a long time. I heard him speak in my mind concerning what was disturbing me. It felt so real and I wanted to just remain there.
    God’s touch is so special and I always want to dwell therein.

  3. I have enjoyed reading the testimonies here and I’d like to share my own with you. First off, I’ve always felt the protection and love of our Adonai since the start of my own rememberance. Beyond that, the Lord has touched me with prophetic dreams now and again. I came here because as of the last few months I’ve been dedicated to waking up early and praying. I can’t even explain why, however, this prayer time with the Lord has proven to make a marked difference in my life overall as I’ve had several marital and health issues. In a way, you can say it’s broken my heart. Anyway, I have been praying earnestly to God not necessarily for any particular outcome, but just to rest in His presence as my Abba. And I’ve certainly found rest. But just yesterday I had an encounter with the Lord and I just can’t explain how beautiful it was. Something very physically touched and filled my heart – I suppose if I had to put it into words I could say it felt like water flowing – some pure, more pure than I’ve ever known; it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life beyond the carrying & birth of my children. I was so overwhelmed with this holy encounter my eyes couldn’t help but to leak in droves of silent tears of joy. I have continually felt this feeling into today, as it is a marked impression. So I came searching the internet trying to find out exactly what is a touch of God. Not that I haven’t felt His touch but I’ve never felt something so absolutely life changing in my entire life. It is a miracle – an absolute miracle! That morning the Lord also lead me to enter a state of fasting and after such an amazing life changing event why would I not listen? So here I am sharing. Perhaps this testimony is meant for someone I will never see, but if I was to tell you anything I’d tell you that the Lord is real and once He touches you, you will never ever forget it or deny that He is the Lord Almighty. God is always with us in the little things, but He will set you apart as His glory is shown in our weakness – as He has shown it in mine. I’ve been through so many horrible things in life I won’t mention here but also including heartbreak and betrayals by people who were supposed to love and protect me. The only thing I can truly say is Adonai loves you. Put all your mind, soul, heart into connecting and building a relationship with Him -God as a way of redirection and miracles. Allow Him to be your focus – He loves you so much. He is your heavenly Abba and no one on Earth can adore you as much as He can. Let Him in, to heal the parts that need mending as He only can. God is real. God is there. Praise His holy name for His is the kingdom, power, and glory forever – Amen.

    1. Megan, your testimony has made my day! Thank you for sharing! Such a beautiful and encouraging encounter with the Lord.
      That pure water is the Holy Spirit. The Lord is showing you how He is pouring Himself in to you and filling you with the Spirit as you sacrifice the time to sit at His feet seeking Him in prayer. Just one word to say: continue!

  4. I actually felt God touch me. I was reading the bible a few days back and praying when I felt the touch on either side of my temples. The touch was coming from the outside in. I brushed it off about 5 times before I could no longer deny what was happening. It felt wonderful, like electricity going to my hands and feet then up to my head. I just knew something amazing was happening to me and that my life would change after this experience.
    I felt the touch for about 2 hours and it slowly went away. If anyone else has had this happen to them could they please let me know. I will always know what happened. I ended up saving someone just yesterday and I wonder if that was one of the big changes that were to occur. Many will say this didn’t happen to me, but it was an experience between God and I. I didn’t go looking for anything like this, I didn’t even know it was possible. All I know is I was in deep prayer while reading the bible when it happened. Thanks everyone, I look forward to your replies. God Bless you.

    1. Praise the Lord! Thrilling and really excited reading your experience. And yes, God does touch us like that! I often feel a palpable touch of God on my head snd sometimes did exactly what you described—trying to brush it off. Now I know better when it occurs!
      May the Lord continue this experience of His presence and multiply it on your life as you seek Him in prayer and His Word!

  5. I know I was touched by God. It was during a very low if not the lowest point of my life. I was literally pulled from the flames where I was being consumed and it completely changed my life. God communicates to me through very unique channels since this awakening and I have been most assured that it is him. My advice to anyone who may be yearning for God’s touch would be to dwell with him on your mind and believe with a pure heart meaning if you have any doubt he may not answer but those who truly seek him he will answer. I can testify that this is the truth I know you probably have heard it over and over but be very certain that you are seeking him with your whole being.

    1. Thank you Stephen for sharing your experience with us. Yes indeed, the Lord said knows our hearts and He responds to a heart that is genuine and open to Him.I pray the Lord. grants you to continue to grow in your knowledge of His Son Jesus to find the sweet fellowship and fulfillment that comes with His touch.

  6. I really long for a touch from God that’ll cause a permanent change in my life. I long to experience God like never before. I’m I not praying enough or desiring enough? because it doesn’t seem like this personal encounter I long for is happening.

    1. Hi Shika, you already have what it takes. You are desiring or hungry for God. This is very good. That is the first and the most important step. I do not think it is a matter of you not praying or desiring enough as though God is looking to see how well you are doing. No,please do not allow this thought to have a place in your mind. Yes, spiritual things require persistence. Spiritual treasures are hardly on the surface. That being said, two things you for you:
      Please take a moment to carefully read the brief devotionals I have suggested beneath:

      1. Ask, seek and knock until you find

      2. Provoking a touch from God
      This is where you find God
      This is very important.
      Yes, you have to ensure you are not just doing things but doing them right or correctly.

      I encourage you to spend some time reading as many devotionals on the site and watching the sermons as much as you can , especially teachings on the Holy Spirit.
      I used to hunger so much for more of God and was almost getting discouraged because I could not get satisfied. I attended many conferences and anointing services. However, God revealed Himself to me and touched my life in a way I did not expect. He met me in the Word. He revealed Himself to Me in the Word and touched my life in a way that has forever transformed me. I pray the Lord opens your eyes to encounter Him as you seek and knock.

      1. God loves me I must say. I had some things on my mind just this week and I went to a quite place to talk to God. In the midst of my prayers and tears, I felt the warm embrace of the Father. I felt the cool breeze enfolding me and I rested in that position for a long time. I heard him speak in my mind concerning what was disturbing me. It felt so real and I wanted to just remain there.
        God’s touch is so special and I always want to dwell therein.

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