What is God’s will for your life?

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV)

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When many of us think of God’s will for our lives, we often gravitate towards thinking about what God has destined us to do on earth, especially regarding ministry. This is also true regarding the prevalent mindset of God’s calling on our lives. We have our minds heavily weighted towards ministry or working for God. However, the will of God is simply what God wants for you. It has different facets, which I will summarize here.

What do you think God wants the most for any human being on the earth? He wants people to be saved and be restored in relationship with Him. He wants to spend eternity with us as a Father with all the blessings of  His grace and glory. You are in the will of God if you are saved!

What does God want you to do after you are saved? He wants you to grow up to maturity, be filled with the Spirit, feed on His Word, walk in holiness and righteousness, walk in the fruit of the Spirit, have and manifest the gifts of the Spirit He has bestowed on you, etc. That is what God wants for you. An example is giving in our verse above. God wants you to learn to live in thanksgiving no matter what is happening. It is His will for you, so when you are thanking God in your circumstance, you are in His will.

Then comes the obvious, which is ministry will. God has called some of us into specific ministry offices and roles. You need to know that will and live in it. God’s will also comes for other aspects of our lives such as marriage, career, job etc. In fact, there are places God does not want you to live in. He has a will for your business, family, etc. We are better off knowing what God wants for us.

We must also be careful not to exaggerate or stretch this truth. For example, God does not care if you decide to wear a black pair of socks today other than brown. However, if the color of socks will get you into trouble, He will not want you to put on the wrong one! The key is to understand that God’s will is really what God wants for you, and it has different layers. You should seek to know what He wants for you.


Are there areas in your life you know you are in His will? If you are saved, that is one of them! Are there other areas you need to seek Him to know His will?


How do I know God’s will? Ask Him! The Holy Spirit in you and the Word of God in the Bible are the basic resources you need to know God’s Will. The more you know Him, the easier it becomes to know His will. He will speak to you in different ways at different times.


Ask the Spirit to help you know His will and align your life with it. 

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