I am confused-what do I do?

The one who speaks in a tongue builds himself up, (1 Cor. 14:4 NET)

“I am confused” is a kinder way our minds tell us “I am short of wisdom”. Confusion is the symptom of a lack of wisdom in that particular area of life. Wisdom is the principal thing, and the lack of it will make us end up in some hardships we were not meant to be there in the first place.

As a believer, it might appear out of place to us, but God has so fully equipped you that you should never be in a spot to say “I am confused”. Why? Because the wisdom that created the world is inside of you. God has sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of you, and you are by spiritual birth wired for success. He is the fullness of God-all of His power and His wisdom. Learn to activate the anointing of the Holy Spirit inside of you. The scripture above teaches us that praying in tongues activates the anointing of the Spirit in a believer. It works. Try God’s Word. If you ever find yourself confused,  start praying in the Spirit. The cloud around your mind will give way as wisdom is activated within you.

Learn to build yourself up. Some believers despise this gift because they do not even know what it does in their lives. Something it is just a sign that you are filled with the Spirit. Activate the power and the wisdom in your life daily.


Ponder about the text above


Is your heart saying today “I am confused?”. Ask God for wisdom.


The lack of wisdom will cost you money, time and resources. It might bring headaches and heartaches not meant for you. Do not allow the physical appearance to deceive you in life. Learn to activate God’s Wisdom when you feel confused. The Holy Spirit in your life is the Voice of wisdom inside of you. His main instrument of wisdom is the Word. Learn to activate that wisdom especially when you feel confused. Not knowing what to do about that issue today? Take out time to pray in the Spirit. Do not just read the Word-do it. Test it for yourself.

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