You Prepare a Table Before Me

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies (Ps. 23:5 ESV)

You prepare a table before me showing a buffet table

David began Psalm 23 with the image of the LORD as a Shepherd who cared for him like a sheep. However, he makes a transition in verse 5 from that of a shepherd and a sheep to that of a guest being invited for a meal. He was the Lord’s special guest, invited to feed on God’s delicacies.

He goes further to give us an astonishing revelation about God’s provision for him with the words “ in the presence of my enemies.” The Lord prepared a table for David to feast under the watchful eyes of his enemies who have been battered, defeated and subdued and could do nothing but watch their supposed prey enjoy the blessings of the Lord! Could you imagine the anguish of his enemies as they watch him enjoy a divine buffet with the best appetizers, entrees, and desserts from heaven!

There were some of David’s enemies that the Lord destroyed while others were kept alive to see him enjoy the goodness of the Lord. This reveals the sovereignty and greatness of our God. He can make you have a feast even in the presence of your enemies. Therefore you should not fret and or be alarmed by those who do not like you or have made themselves your enemies. God will keep some of them alive to painfully watch you enjoy divine goodness and lift up praises to the One who reigns over all forever and ever!


What is the symbolic significance of a Table?( Hint: think of fellowship meals). Declare that “God has prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies  to enjoy His goodness and reveal His praises!”


Your trust and faith should be in the Lord. Do not fret and be worried because somebody does not like you in your job, neighborhood, school, etc. God will elevate and make you flourish and prosper under their full watch!


Thank the Lord for His wonderful providence in your life!

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