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When God Touches You

“And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed” (Matt. 8:3 KJV).

The touch of God changes the course of events in our lives. Jesus touched the man who was sick with leprosy in the scripture above and immediately he was healed, cleansed of the disease.

When God touches you, everything changes. The touch of God is like a pair of bellows that blows a current of air to cause smoldering coals to glow. Each touch of God causes our lives to glow. Sickness will leave, fear will disappear, demonic oppression will run away, and depression will turn into unspeakable joy, full of glory. The same Hand that touched the man with leprosy in the scripture above is here today and wants to touch every aspect of your life. He touches us by His Word! The physical Jesus who touched that man is here today to touch you through the Living Word you are reading!


Do you need a touch of God? Can you see His hand in His Word?


Ask the Lord for the grace to be able to see the Hand of God in your life. The issue is not its absence, but our failure to recognize it.


Whenever you believe the Word, you receive a touch from God! When God touches your life, it must glow. You have just read the Word of God and had it explained to you. You have just felt God’s Hand touch you. Can you believe? Wherever you need a touch from God right now, locate His Word that addresses it today, believe it, and begin to thank Him for it!

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