You are a Spirit Being

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. (Jn. 3:6)

Man was created with a  spirit, with a soul and a body. This is a truth that when fully grasped has the potential of making a tremendous impact on our daily lives. The question  “who am I”  has taunted fallen humanity for centuries, and still does not have a satisfying answer for many. The reason is simple-they do not like, or rather may not want, the truth about this question. Man’s identity is not in the faculties of his mind or body, but in his nature as a spiritual being. Man is essentially a spirit. Many of the questions that seem to be hard to answer will become evident, once we acknowledge this truth about man’s real nature.

As a believer, this truth is even more crucial, because we have been born into that realm anew.  The scripture above tells us that we have been born of God and we bear His nature. Man is not just a spirit but has a soul and lives in a body. Until you take a hold of the truth that you are a spirit-being, dealing with a God that lives in that realm, and living a spiritual life, at the same time relating to the natural world through your soul and body,  you will not consistently see victory in your life. You will be puzzled when God tells you that He has already healed you when you turn and still feel and see disease in your body. Or when He says you are “a new creation, old things passed away and behold old things are new” when you still do not feel an inch of a new person in your feelings thoughts or worse till your outward look.

As a spirit, your life is governed by the principles of the spiritual realm, and you have the privilege and birthright to turn on the virtues of the spiritual life on your earthly day to day living. Divine prosperity is not a natural phenomenon. Casting our demons is not normal, day to day physical events. Neither is divine healing an ordinary natural process. Your glory as a believer, to live a life above the natural, is in your ability to unleash the power of the  Holy Ghost by aligning your natural life with the virtues of that realm. The Word and the Spirit of God have been given to training us in this new life that is “foreign” to us. Do not go contrary to spiritual principles and expect victorious living. Sin is a spiritual “cancer”, and will always eat up that one that lives in it without Jesus’s blood bringing in cleansing. Bitterness and unforgiveness are poisons in your spirit and will dry up your body, your finances, relationships and create a breathing ground for demons to torment your life. Faith unleashes God’s power and subdues all other powers known to humanity. You see, the more understanding you have that you are essentially a spiritual being, and governed by the life of the spiritual realm, the more you adhere to the Word of God, and the more glorious your life will be in every respect.


Think deeply on the verse above, that you have been born of the Holy Ghost and you are spirit-being. Ponder and mutter it until you take a hold of it. Again, you will not understand the power of meditation until you take a hold of this truth. Meditation is essentially allowing your spirit to take a hold of God’s Word, otherwise, it will stay only in your head and produce no results.


An understanding of this truth is not optional. Pray and ask the Father to open your eyes to the power of His Spirit to know and understand this truth. Ask that you will not only understand but begin to live fully in the reality that you are a spirit, as His Word has shown us.


This is your turn!  In the spiritual realm, acting on God’s Word is the single most important thing that will change the circumstances of your life. Do not end at understanding-go further and act on His  Word. It may not always be a “big thing” to do. Be conscious of this truth today and live accordingly. In fact, taking time to read a devotional is already acting on His Word! Think of yourself differently today. See yourself a spirit, with the picture that God’s Word has painted for you. You are a new creation, child of God, healed, full of the  Holy Ghost, prosperous in everywhere and living in the blessing of Abraham today!

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