Two Trends on the Earth Right Now

For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee (Isaiah 60:2, KJV).

Darkness covering the earth showing three candles in the dark

The verse above gives us two parallel trends that are taking place on the earth right now. Darkness is covering the earth and the Lord is shining His glory over His people. Both light and darkness are increasing on the earth, at the same time. But how could this be?

Of course, the light and the darkness are figurative describing opposing forms of spiritual activities. Darkness speaks of the activities of Satan and demonic spirits. It tells of the grossness of sin that is increasing on the face of the earth. We are seeing more and more forms of sin that previous generations never experienced. Sin is not only getting rampant but it is becoming very bold, public, and arrogant. Men’s hearts are melting because of the events that are occurring on the earth. The scripture has already told us about these things. There is no hope for those in the world because the world is not getting better but darker. The only hope is to turn to Jesus.

However, in the midst of the increasing darkness, something wonderful, splendid and most amazing is occurring. The glory of the Lord is shining upon and through His people like never before. As the world is getting darker, believers are getting brighter. The earth is about to see God in a way that no generation of humanity past has ever seen. The best time to be a Christian is now!  Get excited, not afraid.


What does God do when sin increases? (Romans 5:20). Declare “I am arising and shining because the glory of the Lord has arisen upon me in these dark days.”


This devotional should inspire you to dump fear and rather, get excited and expectant in life. There is more to look forward to, so take heart and don’t be afraid of the events going on around you.


Thank the Lord because your case is different.

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  1. Thank you or the devotionals thatI have been receiving for the past 8 months. Very excited for a new year and all that will you share in 2018. May God bless everyone through the darkness!

    1. Praise the Lord Kathy! We are glad to know the Lord is using His Word to be a blessing to you. Indeed great store for 2018. We are destined to shine brighter this year than all the years past!

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