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The River of God is Full of Water

Thou visitest the earth, and waterest it: thou greatly enrichest it with the river of God, which is full of water: thou preparest them corn, when thou hast so provided for it  (Ps. 65:9 KJV)

The scriptures often use the symbol of water to represent the operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It will be easy to understand the spiritual significance if you think about the importance of water to the human body, especially with regards to quenching our thirst. Thirst is a desire that is powered by a need. It is a longing of the body when it is in need of water. The same is true of the human spirit. It also has needs. 

Water spiritually represents the operation of the Spirit to meet the deep needs of the human heart, the greatest of which is a healthy fellowship with God. When we received Christ, we drank of this Water from heaven and that thirst for a relationship with our God was forever quenched as we were made children of God. But we continue to hunger and thirst for intimacy and more of Him. And we continue to drink of that River.

The term River as described above is a body of abundant flowing water. The River of God represents the abundance of supernatural supply to meet every need of the human heart and life in general. Think about it. God does not only meet your needs with a cup of water. He meets it with a River! There is an endless supply from Heaven to meet your needs. That River is still flowing today. It will give joy to depressed souls. It will  still the fearful and anxious heart. It will provide direction and light to the lost and confused. It will bring healing to the body that is languishing with a disease. Heaven is the solution to the crises of the earth. The River of God is here!


What are the characteristics of a River as described above?


We drink of the River when we receive from the Spirit to meet the spiritual and physical needs in our lives. The River of God is still flowing, and the scripture says it makes glad the city of God, that is, God’s people!


Thank the Lord for His wonderful supply that is over and beyond our needs. 

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