The Meaning of “Deshen”—Rich & Abundant Spiritual Food

They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures  (Psalm 36:8 KJV)

The term “deshen” is the Hebrew word translated as “fatness” in Psalm 36:8. It appears seven times in the Old Testament, referring to richness or abundance in the context of food, drink, or animal sacrifice (e.g., Isaiah 55:2). This biblical meaning inspired the name of our daily devotionals, Deshen Daily, and we will explore this rich concept below.

Deshen is rich, abundant, and delightful food. In the Old Testament, it is often associated with fatness, as fat animals were considered the healthiest, and the fat was regarded as the best part of sacrificial offerings (e.g., Psalm 20:3). Figuratively, deshen symbolizes richness, prosperity, and abundance.

The Psalmist declares that God abundantly satisfies His people with the fatness of His house and lets them drink from the rivers of His pleasures. Picture yourself at the Father’s table with every delightful, rich, and satisfying food you desire. God has prepared a table for us, furnished with rich spiritual food and drink—deshen. To satisfy means to meet all our needs, both spiritual and material.

However, this food and drink are spiritual. Scripture reveals that God’s Word is nourishment for humanity. He feeds us with His Word to help us grow, know Him, and become emotionally whole, physically healed, financially prosperous, and more. He meets these needs abundantly. Deshen beautifully encompasses both the Word and the Spirit: abundantly satisfied by the Word (fatness) and drink of the rivers of thy pleasures(Spirit).

If we heed the invitation to sit at the Father’s table and feed on His delicacies, we will grow into the fullness of Christ and enjoy the blessings of our inheritance.


Take a moment to ponder every word of Psalm 36:8 in light of the devotional above.

Apply the Word

Is your heart nourished daily by His Word, or are you spiritually starved? Allow the Spirit to ignite a greater hunger in your heart to read and study the Bible, increasing your knowledge of the Lord.


Ask the Spirit for a fresh hunger for His Word and the zeal to make it a daily priority in your life.

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