Casting All Your Care upon Him

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7, KJV)

Picture a sanctuary where all burdens, from financial strains to familial challenges and spiritual questions, can be released. For Christians, this sanctuary is found in entrusting our troubles to the Lord.

The term “cast” conveys a robust action, implying a deliberate transfer of burdens. This is illustrated in Luke 19:35, where people spread their cloaks on the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Similarly, 1 Peter 5:7 encourages us to lay our worries on God, similar to how those cloaks were thrown on the donkey. Our cares include the anxieties, worries, and fears we encounter daily.

God’s call to cast our cares on Him stems from His deep care for us. He is attentive to every crisis we face, whether small or large. But what is the method to effectively entrust our worries to Him? But how do we effectively cast our cares upon Him? The key lies in trust. Trusting God means shifting the responsibility of resolving our problems onto Him, relying on His wisdom and timing, even when we’ve contributed to the issues at hand. 

Here’s the encouraging truth: you are already adept at entrusting your worries to Him. You practiced this when you entrusted your sins to Jesus at salvation, demonstrating that if you give Him your burdens, He will indeed care for you!


Reflect on 1 Peter 5:7’s invitation. Consider how you can actively entrust your concerns to God and the transformations this might bring to your life.

Apply the Word

God cannot tend to the troubles you withhold from Him. He does not intervene in issues we fail to surrender. A true sign of having entrusted your worries to Him is the cessation of your anxiety. So, entrust your concerns to Him today.


Offer thanks to the Lord for His readiness to shoulder your burdens. Ask for His help in surrendering all your worries to Him, and embrace the peace and trust that emerge from this act of faith.

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