Jesus Answering Saith unto Them

And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God (Mk. 11:22 KJV)

Jesus answering saith unto them, showing a dart in a circle with the words act now

When Peter saw the fig tree dried up that Jesus had cursed, he was amazed and spoke to Jesus about it. The verse above says “Jesus answering saith unto them.” Jesus answered, and said unto them. The word “answer” means to respond verbally to someone’s statement or an event. However, the word “saith” is also used. It is not  tautology or empty repetition. Scholars call this type of usage of the particle( “answering”) “ redundant pleonistic participle.” Enough with these theological terms!

Jesus answered, and so responded verbally to Peter’s statement. Life will often demand a response from you. Jesus’s response was a  response to a statement from Peter. However, in verse 14 of mark 11 above, Jesus responded to the barren fig tree: “Jesus answered and said unto it” (Mk. 11:14 KJV). Barrenness in any aspect of your life demands a spiritual response from you. There might be a situation in your health, finances, ministry or personal Christian walk that is threatening your wellbeing and that will require a spiritual response.

One of the problems with us Christians, which  Satan is capitalizing on, is that we do not typically respond appropriately to the situations in life. It sometimes gets worse when we embrace something that Satan throws at us as coming from God. Learn to react spiritually in life. Some things in your life should cause you to take some time out to seek God in earnest prayer. Sometimes it might be getting deeper in the Word to find out what God is saying. Whatever it is, do not sit and do nothing about a situation in your life that demands a spiritual response from you.

If you do not respond, Satan takes it as your consent and a signed agreement from you for him to continue his works in your life. Let the Spirit direct teach you and direct you to respond to the events in your life.


Are you passive or active spiritually? Are you the type that Satan can eat your lunch while you watch and do nothing?


Whatever you tolerate in life that is not from God will feel very welcomed and have no reason to leave. Respond spiritually! 


Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to know events in your life that will require a response from you.

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