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Who Touched Me

And his disciples said to him, “You see the crowd pressing around you, and yet you say, ‘Who touched me?'” (Mk. 5:31 ESV).

who touched me

The story of the woman with hemorrhaging continues to teach us volumes about the operation of faith. When she touched Jesus’ garment, her touch stood out amongst the others. Imagine Jesus walking down a busy street, surrounded by a crowd pressing upon Him. Suddenly, He stops, and asks to know who touched Him!

What made this woman’s touch stand out? It was not the desperation after a decade of suffering. It was her faith. Her touch was a touch of faith. Today, many believers are trying to touch Jesus for a miracle. We reach out in many ways, including prayers, church attendance, giving, even begging God. We are disheartened when these touches do not give us what we are longing for. Many of these efforts are fruitless, because they are empty and void of faith.

Some believers mistakenly believe that Jesus decided to heal this woman as a result, or condition of, her faith. They think God is waiting for us reach some “faith threshold” before a miracle occurs. This is a terrible misunderstanding we must avoid. Faith is a necessary principle to see God’s power manifested. The release of that power is not God choosing to heal some and let others suffer. The release of God’s power is His principle of faith at work.


Can you really see why this woman’s touch was different from the others? Declare that “I am touching the garment of Jesus by my faith, and activating God’s power in my life”


The value of your touch lies in the state of your heart, not in the form of the activity. Do not take a leap of faith, without first having faith in your heart!


Ask the Spirit to help you to reach out and touch the Master in any endeavor.

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