Believing is Receiving

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10 KJV)

Glory & Grace Live Bible study this week was titled “The Mystery of Believing,” and I will encourage you to carefully listen to this 30-minute teaching and understand everything in it! Believing is a human capacity that is critical in spiritual matters. 

Romans 10:10 says we believe with the heart unto righteousness. In other words, when we believe we receive righteousness as a gift from God. Believing is receiving. When you believed the message about Christ, you received Him as you Lord and Savior. There is a mystery about this capacity to believe in us. Since salvation and everything that comes by it has to be given to us as a gift from God, faith or believing is the hand stretched out to receive it.

This mystery did not stop at the time of salvation. Believing receives not only righteousness but healing, prosperity, deliverance, blessings, etc. Please understand that God by giving us of His Spirit and His Word, has already given to us all things in life. Faith, true faith is a great obstacle before us today. When the Lord began to show me that I was claiming to have faith or believed more than what I had truly believed, my world changed. I think many of us might be making too many assumptions about our faith when we truly have not believed the Word. Pay attention to your heart and train it to believe the Word.


Do you think you might be assuming you have believed the Word when you truly have not? Believing, as I teaching the video below, is accepting as truth and relying upon it. Are you ready to start a journey with the Spirit to truly reveal what you believe?


I want you to make up your mind to increase your faith. Please carefully watch the teaching below. It is FREE! One of the greatest investments you will ever make will be to train your heart to believe the Word. Please take this seriously.


Ask the Spirit to start the journey of exposing the truths about what you have truly believed. 

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  1. Hello again from Romania ….i m folowing ur teachings and im very blessed ..thank you .I have a question …how can i pray Corect for the unsaved ones ?thanks God bless you !

    1. Hello Anca, pleased to know you are following closely and these teachings are a blessing to you. That is a really good desire to pray for the unsaved ones. In general, it is called a prayer of intercession and indeed the best request we can make to the Lord for anyone who is unsaved is for them to come to know Christ. That is a good desire. And God has promised that He will give you the desires of your heart, especially for something as important as the desire for someone to be saved. God works IN and THROUGH us, so our desires and prayers matter. First, recognize it is a good desire and God has promised to give you the things you desire and ask in prayer as in Mark 11:24. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to their hearts and open their minds to know and believe in Jesus. Pray as in Matthew 9:48 that God will send harvesters to their way, that is, people who will minister to them including you! Pray God will give you the wisdom and boldness to know how to seize every opportunity to tell them about Jesus as possible. And above all, persist in prayer as in Luke 18:1- knowing God hears you and will answer.

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