The violent take the kingdom by force

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12, KJV)

What an astonishing verse by Jesus Himself! It says the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence from the days of John the Baptist, and the violent were taking it by force! What are the “violent,” and how do they take the kingdom by force? 

A similar verse by Luke gives us a glimpse of the meaning of this verse:

“The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it” (Luke 16:16, KJV)

The “violent take it by force” on Matt 11:!2 correlates with “every man presseth into it” in Luke 16:16.  The term translated “violent” above means a forceful person,that is,  someone who makes a strenuous effort full of force or strength. Similarly, the term translated “take it by force” means to “claim or snatch” something, that is, grasping something eagerly or hastily. What are they seeking to take hold of? The kingdom of God, meaning they were pressing to be a part of Christ’s reign in righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Ghost!

Please note that this violence is not physical violence. It is a forceful pressing on to take hold of the kingdom of God or take what God has given you or become fully what He says you are! This brings us to the crucial point to learn here: the kingdom of God requires a degree of forcefulness, persistence, and holy stubbornness until God’s will is done! Let me say this here and I pray you get it. The kingdom is not for chicken-hearted people who give up when they face the slightest obstacle or get discouraged easily. It is not for the timid or shy.The kingdom requires kingdom violence. It requires us to know what God’s will is( the kingdom of God) and refusing to accept anything else but what God wants. A classic example is the Syrophenician woman who refused to take no from Jesus and pressed on until Jesus gave her what she wanted ( Matt: 15:28). Do you know that after she persisted, insisted, and stubbornly refused to go away Jesus was very pleased with her? The disciples were already upset and frustrated with her and wanted to send her away (beware of men! ).Jesus healed her daughter and was pleased with her violent faith. She did not make Jesus do what He did not want to do. No! She pressed on until Jesus did what He truly wanted to do. She had insight into the will of the Master( kingdom of God = will of God being done!). We must know His will and then be violent about it.

You will not sit and let Satan get away with anything in your life! You will be violent in prayer and not get discouraged until your family is saved. Do not allow that addiction one more day in your life. That ministry or dream God has put in your heart will not die. You will press on to it, against all the odds, until you see it come to pass. Violence does not simiply mean believing and sitting waiting for it to come to pass. No! It means doing anyting and everyting necessary to force it to happen! For example, if you are sick and you have pressed and studied the scriptures and your faith does not seem to work. Do not stop. Find a minister who knows something about healing that you do not  or has the gift of healing by the Spirit and press on to  it! If you are broke, do not sit there and believe to become  rich, sow a seed here or there and wait for billions of dollars to come to your mailbox! For some  of you, it will mean sleepless nights, studying the word to find out why you are broke, or maybe working on that dream or putting to work that idea until it comes to pass. Violence means stepping forward in diligence and putting all the care and effort needed to see God’s will fulfilled in your life. The Spirit is waiting for some of you to step out in violence!

The violent know the will of the Father and refuse anything less in life! You will need to be bold, persistent, and patient with your faith; otherwise, there are some things you will not enjoy in the kingdom.


Want is the meaning of the phrase “the violent taketh it by force”?


This is the Word of God! It has nothing to do with personality traits. God wants you bold, persistent and forceful to enforce His will in your life. Be violent, and take the kingdom by force!


Ask the Spirit for a fresh spirit of boldness, forcefulness in the faith, courage, and encouragement to never quit until God’s will is perfected in any area of your life. 

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